• AI sets sails to build dreams with love
    AI sets sails to build dreams with love

  • Art meets AI: Beyond Your Imagination
    Art meets AI: Beyond Your Imagination

  • Driving Taiwan's Autonomous Vehicles Forward
    Driving Taiwan's Autonomous Vehicles Forward
    TWCC and oToBrite: Turning Automated Valet Parking into a Reality

  • “TAIWANIA 2” creates a new record
    Domestic self-developed and self-made AI supercomputer


Computing and AI services

Computing Resource Service Network

  • Account support
    Email : iservice@narlabs.org.tw
  • Technical support
    Email : isupport@narlabs.org.tw
  • Customer Service Center
    TEL : 0809-091-365
Taiwan Computing Cloud
The NCHC integrates large data, high-speed computing, 100G network, AI cloud platform, massive storage and professional technical services, providing an important experimental field for the development of AI in the industry, government, and research institutes to constructing an ecosystem of new generation AI talent innovation research and development. To stimulate the wisdom of all people and promote technological transformation and industrial upgrading, create higher value R&D technology and s
A defense we cannot afford to lose
In Taiwanese domain, at least 150 million attack attempts are detected and more than 300,000 malwares are captured every month.
The supercomputers are the key technology to enable massive deployment, rapid security data accumulation and fast warning notifications.
Scientists are always in a race against time because IT security is a competition we cannot afford to lose.
We need strong analytics capabilities to defend against the malicious intent on the Internet.