International Cooperation

WLCG Tier-2 facility:

The grid is a computing model that integrates heterogeneous and geographically distributed resources. Resources and data sharing among scientists are made easier with the abstraction and the establishment of a standard over the grid, which makes it an indispensable high-throughput computing environment that many scientific projects relied on. To deal with data from LHC (Large Hadron Collider) experiments, WLCG (worldwide LHC computing grid) was launched around 2000 as a global collaboration of hundreds of computing centers across dozens of countries. Scientists repeatedly process the data and locate the tiny bit of evidence that is beyond the boundary of knowledge. Since 2005, Academia Sinica has been the WLCG Tier-1 and the regional operation center in the Asia-Pacific region. NCHC also begins to operate a CMS Tier-2 center since Jan 2016 with the support of the high-energy physics group in NTU and NCU, providing about 0.5% requirement of CMS Tier-2 computing.

Experiences of high energy physics grid have spread in the last decade over disciplines such as bioinformatics, material informatics, and astronomy that are facing daunting data challenges alike. Scientific research works in synergy with the development of ICT, providing novel use cases for cutting-edge technologies. To adopt more stringent requirements from the application side, the effort to improve flexibility and overall efficiency is never stopping via seeking the convergence of grid with the fast-growing applications in the arena of HPC and cloud. The constantly evolving grid will definitely continue to play an important role in the researches project.  


The collisions of lead nuclei in November 2018 mark the end of the LHC Run-2. After the heavy ion run, the LHC detector is going to be upgraded preparing for the Run 3 starting in 2021. Meanwhile, more than 300 PB data archived in CERN and across computing centers will be processed by the worldwide LHC grid, help scientists to refine our knowledge on the building blocks of the universe.