Machine Learning

  • Introduction  

The application of machine learning and demand in big data has been growing. But with only experts in science and data mining capable of mastering machine learning technologies and their complex algorithms for big data analysis, the development and use of such technologies is still beyond the reach of users in most industries and scholars in other fields. The NCHC supports the Forward-looking Infrastructure Development Program through the development of software/hardware technologies and services for AI applications, and provides industry, academia, and research institution with AI big data cloud services to more quickly bridge the gap between theories and practical applications, cultivate talents, and promote the machine learning API service platform. The NCHC hopes to expedite the process where increasing industrial applications qualify as smart technologies. Furthermore, the NCHC also provides data training services based on its big data computing and high capacity storage structure, building the AI environment required by each field and accelerating the expansion of R&D capabilities for different fields of application.

  • Scientific Breakthrough
    • Customized machine learning service model and protocol, and accelerated construction of user-friendly AI model for industry applications. 
    • Provided project-based research analysis, such as image recognition, industrial testing, text mining, and other customized API services. 
    • Provided big data training management and services via high performance computing and high capacity storage structure.  

  • Industry Applications

Made it more convenient for industries to develop and deploy machine learning applications for data analysis, used the API service model and cloud platform of the training management mechanism to accelerate industry applications in data analysis and prediction, and significantly shortens development cycle and reduces management cost. API applications include natural disaster prevention, smart machinery, smart city, engineering applications, biomedical technology, and other innovative industries.


Machine Learning

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