2018 May 15

The establishment of National Artificial Intelligence R&D and cloud service AI computing platform is officially launched!!

The "Cloud Services and Big Data Computing Facilities and Integrated Class Storage System Construction Project" of NCHC, National Applied Research Laboratories, was announced on April 26, 2018, and was undertaken by a team of 3 companies consisting of Asus, Quanta and Taiwan Mobile. In order to successfully promote this important national plan, the two teams gathered on May 15 to hold a kick-off meeting for important project members, and determining the construction and service will be completed by the end of this year.


A group photo for AI national team members of the entire project team consisting of NCHC together with Taiwan Mobile, Quanta, ASUS

In order to construct a national-level artificial intelligence R&D and cloud service infrastructure, NCHC, National Applied Research Laboratories, has been intensively planned through the organization and transformation of the work team since 2017, in addition to holding a number of academic and research forums to understand user needs; NCHC also visited research institutes, software and hardware manufacturers in major advanced countries. NCHC also actively invited domestic and foreign AI software and hardware experts and scholars to come to Taiwan to share AI technology application and development experience. During this period, NCHC invested a lot of hardware and software research talents. After half a year of in-depth discussions and multi-party considerations, we finally completed the planning of international standards.

The case was officially announced in March. A total of five manufacturers participate in bidding, and the selection and tender decision were completed by the end of April. It is estimated that the construction will be completed and services will be provided in December this year. The NCHC, National Applied Research Laboratories, will work with the construction team to introduce foreign technology, integrate R&D resources, develop domestic data markets, construct representative AI services, and jointly build Taiwan's strongest AI service platform, for the domestic "AI Industrialization" to cross the first step of success.

這是一張圖片Project team leaders taking a group photo

The AI cloud service and Big Data computing platform, built by the NCHC, National Applied Research Laboratories, will take into account the needs of the government-industry-university-institute circles, and after the establishment, 50% of the resources will support the university and institute’s AI-related programs and government-driven national programs. Another 50% of the resources will be used in the industry to help promote "AI Industrialization" by, for example, seeking partners in data service cooperation strategies and research and development cooperation with Taiwan’s newly created AI industry application services. The AI course (AI Enterprise Train), which is tailor-made by small and medium-sized enterprises, and the promotion of "AI Industrialization" through major industry associations. 

Taiwan's AI industry development will make great progress after the completion of this national-level artificial intelligence research and development and cloud service infrastructure. In order to achieve the integration and efficiency of science and technology facilities, NCHC expects this AI cloud computing platform, in addition to providing fast computing power, a large number of storage spaces and secure networks, but will also become the largest domestic data market and mode market, to provide more real-time and more convenient computing services in the production and research industry. We believe that a new era of AI is coming, and Taiwan will usher in a new wave of industrial innovation.