Big Data Analysis

  • Introduction

The data analysis team provides value-added and data analysis services and environment development, focusing in data analysis and applications in different fields. Main fields of application include text mining, industrial IoT data analysis, social network, and geographic information. Data processing and visualization technologies along with data analysis models are provided for diverse applications and development. Furthermore, the team currently plans to provide an open data analysis platform “Insight”, which provides services on webpages for users to share datasets and analysis programs, making it a sharing platform that can be used to validate analysis processes.

  • Scientific Breakthrough
    • Develop industrial anomaly detection methods for predicting possible abnormal problems of machines.  

  • Industry Applications
    • Provide industries with an excellent IoT data management and analysis interface using Advantech's WISE-PaaS.
    • Industries can use the open data analysis and sharing platform “Insight” to search for relevant data and analysis methods. Via this platform, the users could create their public or private communities for helping industries understand current developments in data analysis and plan the direction for future data developments.