The National Center for High-performance Computing (NCHC) has highly efficient, high capacity storage equipment in its Hsinchu headquarters, Taichung, and Tainan branches. The storage area network (SAN) structure is used along with TWAREN (TaiWan Advanced Research and Education Network), a dual-backbone optical fiber network that features uninterrupted data transmission, to provide complete data storage services. The NCHC plans suitable storage solutions for its clients based on their individual requirements, and provides a high speed parallel file system, scientific data storage service, and magnetic tape backup.

Storage Capacity

Hsinchu HeadquartersDisk capacity 110TB
Tape capacity 1.2PB
Taichung Branch
Disk capacity 60TB
Tape capacity 200TB
Tainan Branch
Disk capacity 110TB
Tape capacity 150TB

Account support:Ms. Lu 

 886-3-5776085 # 442

Technical support:Mr. Li

 886-4-24620202 #845