High Performance Computing (HPC)

 TAIWANIA 1| Big Data Analysis Platform (BDS)


High performance computing (HPC) is the foundation of scientific research. As the only national laboratory that provides HPC services for interdisciplinary scientific research projects, the NCHC plans to establish a world leading computing and data storage environment and high performance PC cluster, as well as various engineering and scientific applications and databases, which will be provided to industries, academia, and research institutes. This will help users contribute with their high performance academic output.The NCHC built the largest open supercomputer “TAIWANIA 1” in Taiwan in 2018. The system has a total of 27,760 computing cores, a parallel file system with a total capacity of 3.4PB, OPA 100Gbps high speed network, and overall performance reaching 1.7 PFLOPS. The system is a general purpose supercomputer with a large number of compute nodes and an independent file system, high security mechanisms, and supports multiple fields of application, including physics, chemistry, mathematics, atmospheric, engineering and life sciences. In additional to commercial package software, the system also offers several compilers and MPI libraries for researchers to develop their own programs.

System specifications

Compute nodeIntel Xeon Gold 6148 2.40GHz CPU x 2 with 192/384GB memory
GPU node
Intel Xeon Gold 6148 2.40GHz CPU x 2, Nvidia Tesla P100 GPU x 4, and 192GB memory
Network interface1 Intel Omni-Path HFI for both MPI and Lustre
Operating system
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.3
Intel Parallel Studio XE 2018、PGI Compilers & Tools 2017
Queuing system
Altair PBS Professional
Connection information
CPU job login node:
GPU job login node:



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