Data Aggregation and Service Platform

  • Introduction  

Integrates data aggregation, management, and display functions in the development of data processing framework that utilizes high-performance computing, and provides an integrated data matching and information value-added platform to data providers and users through diverse data processing tools, such as automated data collection, de-identification tools, and open API. From the perspective of data researchers, it provides a faster, more accurate, and more intuitive way for showing the value of data.

  • Scientific Breakthrough
    • Provides one-stop data processing.
    • Desensitizes data.
    • Provides big data matching.
    • Provides open data automation.
    • Provides big data terminal storage.
    • Lowers the threshold for big data analysis.

  • Industry Applications

Provides a dataset management platform that offers real-time viewing and analysis functions, which increases the chances for open data to be applied. Cross-industry heterogeneous data value adding and matchmaking are carried out for industries to develop value-added services and feasible business models using the data.