Biomedical Information – NCHC Life Science Cloud

Based on high performance computing cluster and cloud server, this platform provides libraries, software, and packages for analysis and computing in realm of life science, medicine, and agriculture. The platform is optimized to fit characteristics of biological data to improve computing services. 

With regard to applications, it can be used for large scale genome analysis and computing, comparison of genomes, correlation analysis, searching for biomarkers and specific image patterns, and searching for pathogens and decoding the blueprint of life based on genetic background, so as to explore the mysteries of life science. Furthermore, disease-related biomarkers and artificial intelligence identification models can be established for applications in agricultural and precision medical testing products. The cloud analysis platform's services will help meet demands on analyzing big data from routine tests in the field of automated agriculture and clinical medicine. NCHC also provides customized service on setting up R&D analysis platforms, biological information systems and database.