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TAIWANIA 1 | Big Data Analysis Platform (BDS)

Big Data Analysis Platform (BDS)

1. Greater flexibility is provided through virtual machine

  •    IaaS: Provided through virtual machine computing services based on SUSE OpenStack Cloud 7
  •    PaaS: Big data analysis and processing service (EMR): The capabilities of virtual machine are used as a big data computing cluster, allowing users to customize their big data virtual cluster based on their requirements.
  •   Object storage service (OSS): OSS services compatible with Amazon S3 are provided based on SUSE Enterprise Storage 5.

2. MRS (Map Reduce Service)

  •    Provides automatic deployment functions of Hadoop or Spark, and allows big data computing clusters to be deployed under the Cloudera ecosystem. Automatically configures the network and security settings of each node in the cluster for users to independently operate the cluster.
  •    When users create a computing cluster in MRS, they can freely choose to create a Hadoop or Spark computing cluster, the role and quantity of noes, whether to create a computing task at the same time or configure it at a later time using MRS according to their requirements.


Big Data Analysis Platform

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