Remote AP – Remote Application Virtualization Technology

  • Introduction  

All applications require an operating system to provide various services in a physical computer environment, but cloud virtualization and data streaming technologies allow remotely executed windows applications to be used on the web interface of user systems. Users can directly operate applications remotely executed in a windows environment through their browsers, and does not need to install any user end software or plugins.

  • Scientific Breakthrough
    • Web user interface: Supports various terminal devices (PC, Pad, Smart Phone). Users can directly open a page on their browser to remotely execute a windows application on Windows/Linux. The application's interface and appearance will be the same, so users will not need to change how they use the application.
    • Multiplex remote streaming technology: Multiple execution threads shared by multiple users, and data streaming can accelerate graphical performance.
    • Functional module design: Provides the RESTful library for repeat use and to increase the degree of integration.

  • Industry Applications

Allows a cloud application service platform to be rapidly created for centralized management and remote sharing of package software of various industries.


Remote AP – Remote Application Virtualization Technology

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