SEAIP 2018-Nov. 26 ~ Nov. 30

AI Innovation in Cloud Computing and IoT


SEAIP 2018


The continuing growth of the IT industry in East and Southeast Asia has had an immense impact on not only the regional but the global economy as well. While IT is by nature collaborative, Taiwan has maintained a strong presence in high-performance computing and networking. Hence, the “Southeast Asia International Joint Research and Collaboration Program in High-Performance Computing Applications and Networking Technology,” held by NCHC and the acronym of which is SEAIP, aims to promote the technological exchange among countries of the Asia and-Pacific region, and discuss the research collaboration that is visionary and has regional features in order to advance the technological development in Southeast Asia.

Artificial Intelligent (AI) is the most important emerging field, which applications and technology are what NCHC is being developing. As computer technologies are fully intertwined with people's lives, AI has been applied to science, medical care, national defense, earth system science, etc. Thus, the core value and importance of AI along with the commercial possibilities cannot also be ignored. The main theme of this year's SEAIP is, therefore, focusing on AI and its Innovtaion. Since NCHC holds a membership in PRAMGA and CENTRA, the researchers from our center annually attend the PRAGMA and CENTRA workshops which take place annually focusing on the big data applications of grid technologies. On November 26 to 30, 2018, NCHC, PRAGMA and CENTRA will organize the first AI related ICT workshop, 2018 AI Innovation in Cloud Computing and IoT Workshop – Expedition on the Network Science Landscape, and invite renowned scholars from Japan, Europe, the United Sates, and Southeast Asia. While discussing the analytics, data sharing and collecting related to AI and cyberinfrastructure, this workshop will help enhance the interactions between leading institutions in the US and those around East and Southeast Asia.