Biomedical Imaging

iSlide : A Cloud-Based Pathology Images Collaborative Platform 

iSlide is a personal web-based virtual microscopy platform allowing users to view, search, annotate, and quantify high-resolution digital whole-slide images (WSIs) via the internet in real-time, and the features iSlide are listed below. 

 (a) For visualizing digital pathology slides from overview to cellular details in less than a second.
 (b) Supports various digital pathology slides formats, and device.
 (c) Scalable cloud storage with high-performance and high-security server.
 (d) Collaborate and share visualization and diagnostics annotation easily.
 (e) The Lesion level annotations are saved as XML and JSON.
 (f) Standardization input/output interface for creating deep learning image analysis algorithm in pathological diagnosis.


Biomedical Imaging-iSlide

Flycircuit : 3D Brain Image Database

Biologists have always been interested in researching the structure of neural networks. Researchers believe that the topographic structure of neurons is closely related to the neuropathway and message delivery in neural transmission, which will allow understanding of the functional role played by neurons. Therefore, the NCHC utilized its high performance computing and big data collection and analysis capabilities to assist domestic academia with research on brain neural networks. This enabled the mapping of message delivery throughout the entire brain, and established a database (Flycircuit) containing about 30,000 3D brain images, making it the world's largest 3D brain image database for a single species. It is also the only tool that researchers can use to predict neuropathways. Hence, researchers can use this complete brain image database to find pathogens and treatments for neurodegenerative disease.


3D Brain Image Database



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