Middleware Services

  • Introduction  

The highly stable network, distributed computing framework, and storage infrastructure are integrated with a computing working engine at its core to develop modulized and uninterrupted AI computing platform services.The platform offers open API for access by users, and also allows users to easily connect to remote clusters and cloud computing resources through their handheld devices and IoT (Internet of Things) using automated deployment, mobile device services, and the concept of thin client, integrating cloud computing capacity on the platform.

  • Scientific Breakthrough
    • Large-scale distributed training.
    • Dynamic computing resource extension and allocation.
    • Container technology and GPU are used to provide an auto scaling mechanism.

  • Industry Applications

Has various fields of applications, including medical information and smart city. Furthermore, light software cloud HPC services are provided to HPC service users of the NCHC, while GPU resource container/cloud services are provided to AI and machine learning users.


Middleware Services

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