Environmental Disaster Prevention – Value-Added Application Services of Digital Terrain Model

Digital Terrain Model (DTM) has played a crucial role in geospatial information industry and their applications. To advance development of the geospatial information industry and further promote land administration affairs, NCHC has been commissioned by the Ministry of the Interior to build up a DTM value-added service platform with tremendous enhancements in the spatial resolution and accuracy. This platform has synthesized the best results from each authority, various analytic functions, such as slope, direction, shadow, contour, and openness, which are developed by different algorithms, and valued-added data access services including the national-wide 20 m DTM open data and 5 m DTM data (permission-needed). Through this platform, users are able to access almost all value-added maps they need for further applications and analysis. 

Our value-added services platform could benefit the development of intelligent applications for national land-related tasks, such as the area of roads, public places, and private housing, precision agriculture, flood prevention and natural resource conservation, and 3D geospatial information. 




Website: http://land.colife.org.tw/

Contact Person:Mr. Shih