Certificate Proof Platform using Blockchain Technology

  • Introduction  

The platform has three characteristics: tamper proof, convenience, and privacy. The certificate QR code authentication platform uses Ethereum as the bottom layer Blockchain technology, in which Ethereum currently uses PoA (proof of authority, which has higher efficiency than PoW (proof of work).

  • Scientific Breakthrough
    • The platform uses the “tamper proof” characteristic of Blockchain and stores the certificate's authentication code on the Blockchain for related persons to avoid fake certificates. 
    • QRcode is used for authentication or to display the certificate, providing greater convenience. The QR code design is not simply a URL and also has a distributed storage system for the platform to maintain its “decentralized” characteristic. 
    • In terms of privacy protection, the techniques of obscure and encryption are adopted during distributed storage, so that storage nodes cannot directly understand its contents. 
    • Novel idea of time-limited verification, the certificate holder can restrict the verifier and the expired time of a verifiable certificate. 
    • Certificate revocation is another key feature of our system. The authority can perform revocation procedure after obtaining multiple endorsements.   

  • Industry Applications

The platform is currently being tested in an experimental elementary school selected by the Education Bureau of Taichung City Government, and may be expanded to other universities and government procedures in the future, preventing fake certificates in Taiwan. The Blockchain technology can be applied in different industries to prevent counterfeit and improve security.