3D GIS Platform

  • Introduction  
Apart from typical 2D GIS platform, the new visual experience can be achieved via the WebGL technology from our intelligent 3D-GIS platform. In this platform, the geospatial Big data can be injected more efficiently is several aspects e.g. Data acquisition acceleration and data structure reconstruction, which greatly improve the experience of data visualization.

  • Scientific Breakthrough
    • The geospatial data can be displayed as 3D geospatial model in our 3D-GIS platform in a semi-autoprocessing reconstruction from data re-processing and WebGL technology. During the browsing, you can scale up/down, move horizontally/vertically etc. Which allows making your own plan for your own purpose.

  • Industry Applications
    • Urban plan
    • Smart city
    • Disaster prevention industry


Contact Person:Mr. Shih