Smart Image Analysis – Target Detection and Identification

  • Introduction 

 As surveillance systems become more popular, the massive amount of image data often results in mistakes or lower reliability in target identification due to subjective determination or visual fatigue. This technology integrates machine learning models with image analysis technology and allows object analysis and feature extraction to be effectively carried out for the target image, accurately detecting and identifying objects in the image. This technology has been applied in environment monitoring, AOI, and satellite image monitoring.  

  • Scientific Breakthrough
    • Overcame technical limitations caused by environment interference during traditional object detection/identification, and provides strategic detection and identification technology models.
    • Applied deep learning technology to the design of a customized system for natural disaster prevention and object detection.
    • Used smart cloud services to provide image object statistics and analyze behavior changes. 
  •  Industry Applications

Provides industries with active monitoring services for automated target detection and object identification in images; the value-added software for current monitoring hardware is applied to increase the value of image data and develop smart technologies, such as environment monitoring, production line inspection, and big data image analysis.


Smart Image Analysis – Target Detection and Identification

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