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High-performance Rendering

  • Introduction

The NARLabs combined the capabilities of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Culture, and Ministry of Economic Affairs in implementing the cyber-physical technology cultural computation platform, which is provided for applications in domestic virtual entertainment with wearable devices, animations, film, performing arts, and cultural heritage. The NCHC is responsible for combining the sensor network and innovative cyber-physical holographic projection technology with the new generation render farm at the core, creating cyber-physical real-time rendering technology. In the future, this will integrate industry processes in the cultivation of interdisciplinary high value talent to accelerate technological development that incorporates cultural elements.

  • Scientific Breakthrough
    • Real-time rendering and holographic project technology services that support cyber-physical real-time rendering applications, promoting data access and innovative applications.
    • Render farm is able to rapidly render big data 3D models, reducing the time for opening files from nearly 3 hours to 3 minutes, which is equal to a performance increase of more than 50 times.
    • High throughput, ultra-broadband cloud rendering technology to recreate historic sites, using 3D cloud scanning technology to create advanced digital spatial models that can be applied by industries to create value.

  • Industry Applications

Applications can be expanded to theater and historic site recreation, creating new opportunities for developing games, entertainment, and digital content. Cloud technology can be used to scan historic sites, landmarks, and scenes in films to create a sharing economy model for commercial applications with different level of detail, such as films, AR/VR, and games.


cyber-physical technology cultural computation platform

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