2018 Apr. 03

NCHC Data-market service (beta) was launched on Apr.03, 2018.

Through its forward-looking infrastructure, the Ministry of Science and Technology has led Taiwan into the intelligent life of the digital 4.0, with artificial intelligence as the main axis of development for the next generation. Under the guidance of the Ministry of Science and Technology, NCHC, National Applied Research Laboratories, is responsible for the construction of the state-level basic digital environment, in addition to planning to create a new generation of AI computing cloud host, Big Data sharing facilities, and shoulder the task of the Big Data cloud service platform.

Following the launch of the AI Advanced Application Development System (AI) in January 2018, in addition to the innovative research center - AI computing service, NCHC further launched its data set platform service (https://scidm.nchc.org.tw) in April. It is hoping that through cloud computing and Big Data analysis, the integration of technology facilities will achieve comprehensive effect. 

This data set platform has three characteristics, namely, openness, centralization and uniqueness. Openness is the consolidation of many kinds of open data; centralization refers to the computing host in which the data set is centralized and located near the NCHC; and the uniqueness of the platform refers to the results of the data provided by the Ministry of Science and Technology for the study and research materials and the projects of science and technology. Through the data set platform service, the government-industry-university-institute circles in Taiwan can focus more on the research in the application field, and reduce the time and labor of collecting the data sets. 

At present, the platform has provided more than 30,000 data sets, including open and closed data. Its open data can be used without any account, and data application providers and the general public are welcome to use creativity to generate value for data activation. In the closed data section, as long as you have the account number or new application account of Braavos, the major data analysis platform of NCHC, and while applying for the data sets, upon verification of eligibility, you may access to the data sets. 

The future data set platform is intended to be added to biomedical information, disaster prevention information, media information and satellite photos. Experts from all fields are also welcome to provide your opinions so that we can create more data sets that are helpful for related research and development. The NCHC data set team will also continue to develop tools to improve the integration of data set platforms and computing platforms to provide users with better use experience and enhance related research output. Users will be able to enjoy the advantages of data set platform and computing platform in the near processing with the large AI artificial intelligent computing host built and completed in the future. 


The web site of Data Set Platform is: https://scidm.nchc.org.tw , welcome experts from all fields to visit and use our platform.