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The NCHC's AI train to help industries with AI transformation is now in service!The National Center for High-performance Computing (NCHC) has years of experience in high-performance computing (HPC), and its researchers are all long-standing members of the research community. The NCHC began supporting the Forward-looking Infrastructure Development Program in 2017, using its research capabilities and practical experience with supercomputers to develop software/hardware technologies and services for AI applications. The NCHC hopes to thus accelerate the application of AI technologies in Taiwan's industrial sector and develop services into products, hoping to utilize the advantages of products: can be rapidly repeated, popularized and accumulated, to help domestic industries apply AI technologies in practice, and thereby drive the AI transformation of industries.The AI train aims to help industries truly apply AI technologies in practice, and learns about the true issues of AI technologies through interviews with companies. It planned a series of services that include education, hardware, and software services. AI  education courses are the beginning of all of its services. After the NCHC understands the industry's actual needs, it will recommend courses relevant to the industry based on the courses that are currently available. Courses are divided into basic and advanced courses, and features of course design are as follows:

1. Basic courses: Focuses on the practical use of AI Framework and gives examples for students to quickly apply what they learn in practice.

2. Advanced courses: Provides examples of AI system applications in each stage from data preparation to deployment. Courses also introduce common neural networks in industries.

In addition to the features designed for AI courses, the courses have two major advantages

1. Integrates practical applications in different industries and certifies international DLI lecturers for NVIDIA

2. Emphasizes hand-on courses, uses a cloud environment so that the location of courses is not limited and may be taught in factories

The NCHC hopes that this course design will help industry workers improve their technique and further drive industrial upgrade and transformation. The NCHC will work together with industries to help industries apply AI technologies for a new future!

Please see the attachment below for a more detailed introduction to courses, AI Course Introduction Manual

If you want to learn more about courses and want to arrange an interview to plan a course, please contact Miss Kao of the NCHC's project office at 03-5776085 ext. 433; email:

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