Privacy Protection and Website Security Policy

Version : 2018/6/11 V2

The National Center for High-performance Computing (NCHC) website has established the privacy protection and website security policy below in accordance with the spirit of the Personal Information Protection Act, in order to protect your personal privacy and data security. The policy describes the acquisition, use, and protection of your personal information.

  1. Applicability of the Policy:
    The privacy protection and website security policy below applies to all personal data collection, processing, and protection on websites of the NCHC, but does not apply to other websites linked through this website. When you click on a link to another website, the website's privacy protection and website security policy will apply.

  2. Purpose of Collection:
    The NCHC collects your personal information to perform its statutory duties, including various technology research activities, technology talent management, customer management marketing, information and database management, student information management, member management, academic research, internal statistics and analysis, and other advisory and consulting services. You may freely choose whether or not to provide your personal information to us, but you will not be able to use services of the NCHC if you do not provide the information in required fields.

  3. Type of personal information collected:
    The categories of personal information that are collected are defined by the Ministry of Justice in the Personal Information Protection Act, and collected in accordance with regulations announced by the competent authority. Categories include: C001/Identification of individual, C011/Description of individual, C031/Housing and facilities, C038/Occupation, C056/Publications, C102/Agreements or contracts.

  4. Personal information collection, use, and protection
    When you use services of the NCHC's website, your e-mail, name and other information you provide will only be used by the NCHC to provide related services.The server will keep records of your activity on the website, such as browsing and queries. These records include your IP address, Cookies, time used, and web pages browsed. The NCHC only analyzes overall user activity and does not analyze individual users.The NCHC is obligated to protect your privacy and will not sell, exchange, or lend your personal information to any other organization or individual, except for the following situations:a) To cooperate with the investigation of a judicial unit.b) To cooperate with investigations conducted by competent authorities.

  5. Use of Cookies
    Cookies are used for communication between the browser and the user end and store certain information in users' hard drives to verify their identity. Cookies are used to provide different personalized services or for making improvements to websites. The NCHC will not disclose information it obtains from cookies to any third party. You may choose whether or not to enable cookies in your browser's settings and the level you are willing to accept cookies, but if you choose to refuse all cookies, you will not be able to use some personalized services, or you will not be able to participate in certain activities on the NCHC's website.

  6. Modification of personal information, insurance, and risk taking
    The NCHC website provides a convenient and quick user interface for you to update or correct your personal information, as well as add or suspend various online services. Once you register to become a member, you may use your personal account and password to modify your personal information and protect your privacy at any time. If you are concerned about your password being leaked, immediately change it or notify service personnel of the NCHC to handle the situation, otherwise you must bear the consequences. Other than the personal information you provided when registering as a member of the NCHC's website, the modification of personal information does not apply to the personal information you provide during other promotional or public relations activities.

  7. Links to other websites
    The NCHC's privacy protection policy is only applicable to the NCHC's website, which may contain hyperlinks to other websites or web pages not belonging to the NCHC. Users may link to theses external websites through the NCHC's website. Regardless of whether or not these websites have their privacy protection and website security policy and the policy's contents, the NCHC's privacy protection policy is not applicable to the websites.

  8. e-Newsletter and e-mail
    After gaining your consent, the website will send newsletters for members, which will contain some commercial information. Besides specifying that the e-mail is sent by this website, the e-mail will also provide a way for you to stop receiving the information or e-mail.

  9. Website security measures and regulations
    Any unauthorized attempt to upload or change the services and information provided by the NCHC is strictly prohibited and may violate the law. This website provides the following security measures to ensure the website's security and prevent the interruption of its services:
    (1) Use a network intrusion detection system to monitor network traffic, in order to verify any unauthorized attempts to upload or change the information on web pages or sabotage.
    (2) Install a firewall to prevent illegal intrusion, sabotage, or data theft, in order to prevent illegal use of the website and protect users' rights and interests.
    (3) Install anti-virus software and periodically scans for viruses to provide users with a safer browsing environment.
    (4) Perform periodic scans and provides appropriate security defense measures.
    (5) Carry out daily backup operations to back up all data onto a remote server.
    (6) Automatically receive security protection e-mail notices sent by operating system or application developers, and install appropriate patches according to the e-mail's suggestions.

    is impossible to guarantee that Internet data transmission is 100% secure. The NCHC website will work hard to protect the safety of your personal information, and will use TLS encryption under certain circumstances to ensure the security of data transmission. However, the data transmission process involves the level of security of your Internet access, and we therefore cannot ensure the security of data you send or receive from the NCHC website. You must be aware and bear the risk of network data transmission. Please understand that the NCHC is unable to control the outcome.

  10. Modification of privacy protection and security policies
    In light of the rapid technological developments, ongoing legislation process, and unforeseeable changes to the environment, the NCHC may revise the description of its privacy protection and security policy on its website as necessary to protect your privacy and network security. When the NCHC revises its privacy and security policy, we will immediately provide a clearly visible announcement on the website for you to click on and read the revised policy.

  11. Rights and interests relating to personal information
    You may request to exercise your rights in accordance with Article 3 of the Personal Information Protection Act, including
    1. any inquiry and request for a review of the personal information;
    2. any request to make duplications of the personal information;
    3. any request to supplement or correct the personal information;
    4. any request to discontinue collection, processing or use of personal information;
    5. any request to delete the personal information.
In addition, it also provides services such as restrictions on the handling of disputes, personal data portability, automated decision-making and analysis. The request shall be made by the person involved in writing, specifying the type of right, contents, and contact information. If the abovementioned conditions are not met, the request procedure has not yet been completed and the NCHC may notify the person involved to provide additional information. The request procedure will only be completed once the required information is provided, and the processing time will be calculated. This is to prevent damaging the rights of the person involved due insufficient information.

Please call or e-mail your requirements to Lu Pi-Tao at the NCHC for details on how to exercise rights over the abovementioned personal information. Tel: 886-3-5776085 #442, e-mail: