Render Farm – Cyber-Physical Rending Platform

Render Farm began offering Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) on August 1st, 2011. The foundation of the real-time rending platform was completed in March 2018, and provides a real-time rendering engine. It is a computing platform with data flow reaching 2Gb/s for high resolution image processing applications, and also provides remote desktop functions. The remote desktop function supports up to 8 large volume and 24 general user connections (or a maximum of 384 connections), establishing high-performance GPU computing facilities and environment for R&D in the field of technology, art, and culture. This makes the computing environment more flexible and benefits applications in cultural and technology industries as well as talent cultivation, including the massive amount of rendering needed for movie special effects and animations.

In the GPU remote virtual system, GPU compute nodes can support up to eight Tesla P40, and the computing performance of each is 30 times higher than the original CPU render farm. VMware virtualization technology is integrated to provide on-demand virtual remote computing platform services, achieving the virtualization of a high performance computing environment through GPU passthrough technology. Hence, the time required for redeploying the rendering environment is reduced by 10 times or more, and it also allows flexible switching between Windows and Linux operating systems.

Rendering software currently supported include Maya (2016-2018), MAX (2016-2019), Unity, Unreal, After Effect, Arnold, and Vray. If you require customized services with respect to compute cores, memory, or storage space, please contact Mr. Lien.


Render Farm – Cyber-Physical Rending Platform

Contact Person:Mr. Lian