Malware Knowledge Base

  • Introduction  

Malware Knowledge Base simulates system and application vulnerabilities and then monitors the cyber-attacks and the corresponding traffic flow. The NCHC established an automated analysis platform for malwares and provides standardized analysis reports for malware behaviors. It deployed a honeynet with over 6,000 IPs on Taiwan's academic network to collect malwares.

  • Scientific Breakthrough
    • NoSQL database technology is used to accelerate data inquiry and system response, and horizontal expansion can be made in coordination with data growth.
    • Malware classification searching and filtering functions are built in Malware Knowledge Base to help users find the malware samples quickly.
  • Industry Applications

Malware samples can be provided to the information security industry for research, to validate malware detection mechanisms, and to develop patches and solutions. The list of malicious domains obtained from malware samples can be provided to threat intelligence sharing platforms and strengthen joint defense in the region.


Malware Knowledge Base

Contact Person:Mr. Tsai

Technical support:Mr. Wei