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Tue, October 23, 2018

| Scientific and Engineering Computation

Since the founding of the NCHC, we have been focusing on the high-performance computational technology, provided sustainable and accessible large-scale computing services to the academic and industrial communities, and collaborate with our partners on scientific and engineering researches of multiple domains. The scientific and engineering researches are facing an even bigger challenge as the huge amount of simulation and observation data hinders the discovery of deeper insights. To benefit from the synergistic challenges in data-intensive and large-scale computation, our group aim to promote the seamless, interdisciplinary collaborations, leverage the HPC infrastructure and to develop essential tools for the new discoveries and applications.

Our research ranges from the fundamental science and practical applications of engineering. They are the hydraulic simulation group, engineering analysis group, biomedical simulation group, material science group and the group developing the generic simulation platform for high-performance computing, which are described as follows.

R & D directions

  • Water resources computing
    This project is to develop runoff forecast, flood forecast and reservoir turbidity forecast to prevent disaster in advance. Furthermore, people can have more time for emergency evacuation.
  • Computational Engineering
    Engineering product’s structural, dynamic, impact, thermal analysis.
  • Biomedical computing
    The focus of Biomedical Simulation project is on exploring the following topics: (1) the mechanics of common diseases involved in the human respiratory and circulatory systems (e.g. cerebral aneurysms and obstructive apnea syndrome), (2) the development of a virtual surgery platform for the treatment of cranioplasty and obstructive sleep apnea syndrome, (3) the design of medical instruments such as the ventricular assist device (VAD), artery stents, respiratory assist devices, and dental implants. The results of these studies will be useful in the advancement of medical treatment and improve the quality of life for medical patients.
  • Computational materials science
    As the technology progresses to the nanometer scale, challenges to deal with quantum effects are inevitable. NCHC comprises talents in the fields of physics, chemistry, and materials science. Our computation resources provide capabilities in the first principles calculations and the simulations at the molecule and atomic levels.
  • simPlatform
    We are dedicated to develop the simPlatform, a customizable user framework for scientists and engineers to design, execute and manage computing jobs and workflows for their researches. On this cloud application platform, researchers can deploy their own applications/workflows to the homogeneous/heterogeneous mainframe at NCHC, collaborate and share the results among the communities. Intuitive design philosophy and user interface reshapes the way HPC is used, which also reduces manual intervention and makes faster numerical experimental cycle possible. It serves mainly for computing- and data-intensive field such as the large-scale scientific simulation or complex, big data analysis pipeline. Small-scale simulations for research and educational purposes are also supported.

Important Results

How can NCHC help --Project oriented & industry-academia cooperation

  • Hydraulic computation
    Welcome to collaborative research on flow computation
  • Computational Engineering
    Numerical simulation for practical engineering problems in industry
  • Biomedical computing
    The investigations of mechanical behavior of the human circulatory system and pathological mechanisms, the development of virtual surgery clinics platform, and the design of medical devices.
  • Computational materials science
    Computing platforms are provided to facilitate scientific research activities, such as paper publishing, government projects, new material developments commissioned by industries.
  • simPlatform
    We provide consulting to the design and integration of high-performance computing workflow for various scientific disciplines. We also help users to setup a complete workflow, cooperating and coordinating the simulation and data analysis jobs, and to deploy their working procedures on the simPlatform as the end-to-end cloud solution or the teaching platform for certain scientific and engineering problems.

Contact information

Hydraulic computation : Dr. Ho-Cheng Lien 886-3-5776085 ext.377 * hclien@narlabs.org.tw
Engineering research: Dr. Lee 886-3-5776085 ext.325 * c00msl00@narlabs.org.tw
Biomedical computation: Dr. Tzu-I Tseng 886-3-5776085 ext.261 * titseng@narlabs.org.tw
Material research: Dr. Lee 886-4-24620202 ext.839 * wjlee@narlabs.org.tw
simPlatform: Mr. Chen 886-3-5776085 ext.289 * kpchen@narlabs.org.tw

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