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Tue, October 23, 2018

| Visual Processing

The aim of the NCHC's Visualization and Interactive Media Laboratory (VIML) is to provide advanced visualization services to domestic academic, government, and industrial organizations. We develop applications for users to explore their data and extract deep insight by applying the technologies of computer graphics, virtual reality, and multi-media.

Core technologies
  • Computer graphics
  • Image processing
  • Software development


  • 2001 – Initiated the development of our own toolkits
  • 2005 – Initial release of “Engine 3D" and “IMT” for internal use
  • 2007 – Initial release of the medical image illustrator (miiL) software
  • 2014 – Initiated the project, Archive of Bio-medical Images on a Cloud Platform
  • 2015 – iFlyover - a 3D terrain navigation platform.
Collaborations and projects
  • Includes visualization services and related projects. Please contact us for more information.
Contact information
Charlie H. Chang 886-3-5776085 ext.362 * charlie.chang@narlabs.org.tw
B.Y. Lee 886-3-5776085 ext.248 * bylee@narlabs.org.tw

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