e-Newsletter Issue 57

2015/12/16 Issue 57:Examining New Trends in Research and Education Networks in Response to the Emerging Push of Big Data

2015/09/14 Issue 56:NARLabs and the Education Department, New Taipei City, Sign an MOU to Promote Ezilla, the Realization of the Education Cloud!

2015/05/08 Issue 55:Introduction to SDX: SDN Exchange Point

2014/12/30 Issue 54:The NCHC Builds an Earth Science Observation Knowledgebase in Order to

2014/10/29 Issue 53:Inhaled Medication and Dosage Recording Platform

2014/09/05 Issue 52:The Global Student Cluster Competition – A Stage for the Student High-performance Computing Contest

2014/07/07 Issue 51:Intelligent Network Management – SDN and Network Performance Measurement

2014/05/07 Issue 50:Electromagnetics Interactive Multimedia Teaching Platform

2014/03/07 Issue 49:The World of Parallel Supercomputing: Seize the Advantage and Seize the Future

2013/12/27 Issue 48:Automated Identification Technology — Applying Big Data to the EU Project, Fish4Knowledge

2013/10/31 Issue 47:2013 Big Data Foresight Forum Navigates Taiwan to New Opportunities

2013/09/10 Issue 46:A perspective on the Development of High Performance Computing through Its Applications

2013/07/23 Issue 45:Life of Big Data

2013/05/09 Issue 44:An Automated Botnet Detection and Notification Mechanism

2013/03/11 Issue 43:Preliminary Investigation on Supercomputer Simulation Virus Disintegration Mechanism

2013/03/11 Issue 42:Taiwan Malware Analysis Net

2012/11/06 Issue 41:A Brief Discussion of Memory Analysis Techniques Used In Decoding Malicious Software and Malware

2012/09/07 Issue 40:HPC Master has Strong Kung Fu

2012/07/05 Issue 39:Unlocking the Power of GPU

2012/05/01 Issue 38:NCHC Cloud Storage – Data Storage Technologies and Applications

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Examining New Trends in Research and Education Networks in Response to the Emerging Push of Big Data
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The “Remote Crack Measuring System and Device” Wins the Platinum Award at the 2015 Taipei International Invention Show & Technomart
NARLabs and Argonne National Laboratory Co-host the Smart Cities and Urban Analytics Workshop
“Angel Star” Wins the Fourth Annual NCHC HPC Kung Fu - 3D Animation Challenge!
DevOps—The Innovation of Continuous Software Delivery
Building a Patabyte-scale LOG Analysis Platform Using Elasticsearch
Apache Spark -- The Most Famous of Big Data Analysis Tools