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HP Superdome2
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* HP Superdome2(Hale)
Machine Name HP Superdome 2 (Hale)
Machine Structure SMP
Hostname hale
Installing Time 2008
Field benchmarking,
computational chemistry,
computational physics,
computational electromagentics,
computational mechanics
Installing Software ABINIT, Amber, CASINO, CHARMM, Chemsoft, CPMD, DL_POLY, GAMESS, Gaussian, GROMACS, Molpro, NAMD, NWChem, octopus, OpenMX, Quantum ESPRESSO, siesta, VASP, WIEN2k


The NCHC hp Integrity Superdome system, named hale, is a symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) system with 88 processor cores and 1 tera byte memory. Its main purpose is approach to a large-scaled computing and data analysis capabilities to the NCHC user community.

*  Configuration

1. System Configuration 

      Login Node 
            halen.nchc.org.tw ( 
            home: /home (512 GB)
            packages: /pkg (1 TB) 
            working: /work1 (2 TB), /work2 (2 TB)

2. Hardware Specifications 

     System Family 
            hp Superdome 
      System Model 
            Integrity Superdome 
             44-way dual-core Intel® Itanium® 2 (1.6 GHz / 18M cache) 
      Cache Information (per core) 
              L1: 16 KB (instruction) / 16 KB (data)
              L2: 1024 KB (instruction) / 256 KB (data) 
              L3: 9216 KB (unified) 
      Main Memory 
               1 TB

3. Software Configuration 

     HP-UX 11i v2 Technical OE (include HP MPI) for all nodes
     Platform LSF resource management system, Version 6.2
     Programming Environment 

               HP C/aC++ Compiler, Version 6.17 
               HP Fortran 90 Compiler, Version 3.2.2
               HP MPI, Version 2.2.5 
               HP MLIB Math Software Library, Version 9.5.6

*  Queuing System

NCHC users specify one of the following submit classes to queue jobs. Upon submission the job is routed to the appropriate LSF class according to the following criteria.

All batch jobs must be submitted to a valid submit class. If the class doesn't exist, job will be terminated and an error message will be issued.

Submit Class Cores/Job Jobs/User Jobs/Queue Max CPU time Max Wallclock
xfer 1 … 8 32 80 5 days
mono 9 … 80 80 80 5 days





For users who running serial jobs, please submit to the class xfer.




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