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2012/12/19Ezilla Used To Build a 1,000-person Classroom On the Cloud

2012/12/102012 Bridging Big Data Infrastructure Workshop - Expediting the Network Science Landscape

2012/11/20The NCHC Exhibits at SC12

2012/11/13The NCHC's Director Kuo-Ning Chiang Elected as Fellow Member of IEEE

2012/11/01The 2012 NCHC HPC Conference

2012/09/03The 5th Alliance of Cloud Computing Technologies & Applications Conference

2012/07/13The First Annual "HPC Kung Fu--NCHC 3D Animation Challenge" Comes to a Successful Close!

2012/07/10Taiwan・s First :Render Farm; Enhances the Soft Power of Domestic Cloud Services in Animation

2012/06/26NCHC Demonstrates the Interactive-HPC and Key R&D Achievements at ISC・12

2012/06/26NCHC・s Formosa 5 Enters the TOP500 Ranking

2012/05/15Clonezilla Accentuates Taiwan・s Software ProwessXthe NCHC and Japan's Miracle Linux Sign a Memorandum of Understanding

2012/04/23Clonezilla Was Selected as One of the Best Free Software of 2012 by PC Magazine Again!

2012/03/28Clonezilla Rated by Lifehacker as the Best Disk Cloning App for Linux

2012/03/19The 4th ACCTA Conference

2012/02/29Nine Hours of Fierce Competition at the Taiwan Student Cluster CompetitionXThe NCHC Puts Down Roots To Push Up New Growth for HPC

2012/02/24The NCHC Participates in the 2012 SEMBA & BioPro International Workshop

2011/12/27The NCHC Exhibits in SC11

2011/12/09SEAIP 2011 and PRAGMA Institute Workshop and Conference Report

2011/12/012011 NCHC High-Performance Computing Conference

2011/11/18Taiwanese Team Won the Championship in SCC Again


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The guide map of Hsinchu Headquarters
Hsinchu Headquarters (e-Map) No. 7, R&D 6th Rd., Hsinchu Science Park, Hsinchu City, Taiwan, R.O.C. 30076 TEL: 886-3-5776085B0800-351-510  FAX: 886-3-5776082
The guide map of Taichung Branch
Taichung Branch (e-Map) No. 22, Keyuan Rd., Central Taiwan Science Park, Taichung City, Taiwan, R.O.C. 40763 TEL: 886-4-2462-0202B886-4-2465-0818  FAX: 886-4-2462-7373
The guide map of Tainan Branch
Tainan Branch (e-Map) No. 28, Nan-Ke 3rd Rd., Hsin-Shi Dist., Tainan City, Taiwan, R.O.C. 74147 TEL: 886-6-5050940  FAX: 886-6-5050945
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