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Mon, October 22, 2018

Windrider – The NCHC’s newly deployed supercomputer entered the top 100 supercomputer list, setting a new epoch for large scale high-performance computing in Taiwan2011/07/01

Group photo of Windrider press conference
Press conference by the NCHC– Participants including Minister Lou-chuang Lee of the National Science Council (middle), President Wen-hwa Chen of the National Applied Research Laboratories (second left), Deputy Director-general Ming-huang Chen of the Central Taiwn Science Park Administration (first left), Deputy General Director Zu-wei Lin of Acer (second right), and Director Kuo-ning Chiang of the National Center for High-Performance Computing (first right), was to witness the new milestone of Taiwan technology.

The high-performance computing capability is closely related to the technological competitiveness of a country, as a result, technologically advanced countries have continued to invest in the construction of high-performance computing environment. In addition, it is seen as an indicator of the national strength obtaining a place in the top 500 list of the world’s top supercomputers. In Taiwan, at the 8th National Science &Technology Conference in 2008, a resolution revealed the government’s directions to enhance the national high-performance computing capability. In the US, the 2010 National Science and Technology Conference held by White House also disclosed that the key point for enhancing productivity and maintaining R&D competitiveness heavily relies on high performance computing, which is also the major item to develop in the 21th century for the U.S. to ensure its leadership in technological innovation. To facilitate scaling up of the national scientific research and enhancing the competitiveness of engineering technology, the NARL’s National Center for High-Performance Computing (NCHC) has deployed Windrider, the supercomputer that has the highest computing capacity in Taiwan, which was fully supported by the National Scientific Council. Windrider enabled Taiwan to reclaim the status of the top 100 ranks in the world and further improved the national environment for technology advancement.

The advancement in science and engineering is evolving day by day. The computation has sustained its credibility in alignment with theoretical studies and experiments. It has become one of the indispensable methods for science and engineering R&D. Through the high performance computing, scientific theories can be validated. The high performance computing also provides assistance to the products design and manufacturing. It can shorten the time before products launched to markets and reduce the cost for developments. With the increasing scales, difficulties, and complexities of the problems faced by academia and industry, including those from as small as molecules and atoms to as large as the astronomy and the cosmos, the needs of computing power for such computational scale and complexity are also increasing.

To satisfy the needs of computational resources from all fields, the NCHC has deployed the Windrider, the latest high-performance supercomputer with a computational capability as high as 177 Tflops. It was ranked as the 42nd on the Top 500 world’s fastest supercomputer list announced in June, 2011. The Windrider would meet the needs for high-performance computing from all sectors, bring solutions to larger and more complex issues faced by the researchers, and give Taiwan the ability to challenge the larger scale researches in science and engineering.

The Windrider possesses the highest computational capability in Taiwan. It has 25,600 computing cores, 73,728 GB of memory, and 1,074 TB storage space. Its computing capability is 8.8 times larger than the most powerful supercomputer that the NCHC now owns. Though the capability of the Windrider has been largely elevated, the energy it consumes to operate every million floating point computations has dramatically decreased due to the new energy-saving design. This design made Windrider the 25th on the list of global Green 500 supercomputers. The Windrider is the first Taiwan’s supercomputer that ever enters the list.

The NCHC is the only national laboratory providing high-performance computing resources for R&D applications in Taiwan. The NCHC has persisted in advancing its computational capability to respond to national needs. For the first time, the NCHC collaborated with the domestic computer company, Acer, to deploy the latest super cluster computer, Windrider. This supercomputer will enhance our soft power and the competitiveness in technology to speedup the production of many R&D results. Furthermore, it can be extended to be a major facility of cloud computing to enhance its computational environments. The Windrider will make possible Taiwan’s technical R&D riding the wind to the cloud.

The Windrider – The latest large scale cluster supercomputer
25, 600 computing cores
73, 728 GB memory
1,074 TB storage space

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