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Fri, August 17, 2018

NCHC Computation Challenge Program – NCCP2011/07/01

Recently, the NCHC finished the construction of Taiwan’s most powerful supercomputer, Windrider (aka ALPS supercomputing system), which has been ranked 42nd on the new TOP500 list of world’s supercomputers released at the ISC in June, 2011. Performing at 8.5 times the current capacity of the most powerful HPC computer in Taiwan, Windrider is expected to meet the HPC demands of the academic and research sectors and assist them to resolve larger and more complex research problems.

To urge domestic academic and research users fully utilizing the new supercomputer, NCHC launched the “NCHC Computation Challenge Program”. Through preferential rates, we encourage users with potential, such as school teachers and staff, researchers of NSC and national laboratories, and participants in research projects of Academia Sinica, to break through the limits of past research and to expand their research scales. Through NCCP, we hope to accelerate the country’s scientific discoveries and technological innovations and to facilitate Taiwan’s scientific research and industrial development.

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