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Mon, October 22, 2018

The NCHC and Providence University Co-hosted the “2011 Providence University National Programming Contest” to Advance the Programming Competence of College Students2011/05/20

To facilitate the domestic development of computer software and to enhance college students’ programming capabilities, the NCHC and Providence University co-hosted the “2011 Providence University National Programming Contest”, a 3-hour contest at Providence University, on May 7th, 2011. Teams from NTU, NCU, NSYSU, and NTHU won the Top Distinction awards, and teams from CHU, NTUST, PU, and CJCU received the Superiority and Excellence awards.

Total 74 teams, 199 students from 16 colleges attended this contest. The contest time was limited to 3 hours, and students were required to write programs to answer eight questions. The team who answered most questions right was the winner. If more than one team had the same number of right answers, the winner goes to the team who spends less time on solving problems. This year was the seventh presentation of the programming contest, and participating students were increased much more than before. It indicated that the reputation and visibility of the contest have been recognized by universities.

the photo of participants
Participating students worked hard to solve problems

the photo of one participating team the photo of another participating team
Each team consists of 2 to 3 students. They could hold discussions among themselves, but Internet searches were forbidden.

Although the NCHC has top experts in cluster-based techniques and high performance computing (HPC), and accumulates abundant R&D achievements, the NCHC still encounters the shortage of HPC talents. This year, for the first time, the NCHC co-organized the nationwide programming contest with Providence University. Through competition, we hope to enhance software competence of college students, to improve their programming skills, and to foster more outstanding talent for the country. On the day of the contest, NCHC’s representatives, Executive Assistant Jerry Chang and Deputy Division Manager Alpha Wang, and representatives of Providence University, Department Head Tien-hsiung Weng and Special Assistant of President Office Kuan-ching Li had discussions on collaborations. Both parties hope to strengthen academic exchanges and collaborations in the future and work together to advance the country’s HPC development.

the group photo of NCHC's and PU's representatives
The group photo of NCHC’s Executive Assistant Jerry Chang (fourth from the right) and Deputy Division Manager Alpha Wang (first on the right), Providence University’s Department Head Tian-xiong Weng (second from the left) and Special Assistant of President Office Kuan-ching Li (third from the left), and three other participating professors.

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