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Tue, October 23, 2018

MOU Signing Between the NCHC and Argonne Laboratory 2005/11/09

In order to help develop a more mature GRID computing environment and to establish a middleware platform for the Taiwan Knowledge GRID, the NCHC signed a MOU with the University of Chicago’s Argonne National Laboratory.

The MOU was signed by Dr. Joe Juang, the Director of the NCHC, and Ian Forster, the Director of the Argonne Laboratory. During the ceremony, Director Juang commented on how Argonne Laboratory’s experience in developing Globus Toolkit 4, a GRID middleware, will be especially helpful in the development of NCHC’s Knowledge GRID computing environment.

Ian Forster, often referred to as the “Father of the GRID,” published a book about GRID that was regarded as the GRID Bible. He also responsible for establishing GRID’s underlying communication protocol. During his visit, he carried out informative discussions on GT4’s specialization and interoperability, the progress of the development of GRID’s monitoring system, and various applications enabled by GRID.

In the future, both sides will deepen their relationship with each other through creative and technological exchange. Through us, Argonne Laboratory can anticipate the practical requirements for their software. On the other hand, we can obtain suggestions and direction for our GRID middleware development from Argonne Laboratory. One day soon, the dream of Workflow over the GRID Computing Environment will became reality.

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