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Tue, October 23, 2018

Report on the ACCTA’s 2nd Alliance Meeting 2011/03/02

Alliance of Cloud Computing Technologies & Applications (ACCTA) and Taiwan Association of Cloud Computing (TACC) held the 2nd alliance meeting at National Tsing Hua University on Feb. 24th, 2011. Except the ACCTA’s management report, important lecturers, Prof. Hai Jin, Dean of School of Computer Science & Technology, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Vice President Ruay-Shiung Chang, National Dong Hwa University, and 4 professional experts from industry and research fields were invited to discuss the development, technologies, and applications of could computing. More than 100 attendees from industry, academic, and research circles presented at this meeting.

The group photo
■Group photo: Director Kuo-Ning Chiang, Chairman of ACCTA (middle), Dr. Jerry Chang, General Secretary of ACCTA (4th from left), Prof. Yeh-Ching Chung, TCCA (3rd from right), Prof. Hai Jin (4th from right), Vice President Ruay-Shiung Chang (2nd from right)

Director Kuo-Ning Chiang of NCHC, in his welcoming speech, said that the Cloud Project, implemented by NCHC, has good outcomes in fundamental facilities and middleware. In terms of computing facility, last year, the NCHC finished the establishment of the cloud research platform, Formosa 3, and planned to construct Formosa 4 in 2011. In terms of cloud middleware, the Taiwan three-dragon: DRBL, Clonezilla, and Crawzilla have caught people’s attention and been greatly downloaded globally. In view of the development of GPU, NCHC also planned to build a Mini-Cluster with 40-50 TF computing capacity by GPU technology. In future, NCHC will continue to absorb the external experiences via ACCTA and explore new technologies. Through the discussion of every professional, the members would be benefited abundantly.

The photo of Director Chiang
■Director Kuo-Ning Chiang of NCHC gave the welcoming speech

The alliance meeting was started with the Prof. Hai Jin’s speech, "From grid computing to the cloud computing". Prof. Jin is the Dean of School of Computer Science & Technology, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, also the first place scientist leading the largest grid project-- China Grid. He shared the development experience and current situation of cloud project in China. Prof. Jin indicated that virtualization is the core technology of cloud computing, including the virtualization of system resource management and of user utilization. There were three computing centers located in Shenzhen, Tianjin, and Jinan. In order to effectively utilize high-performance computing resources on the scientific research, the development of virtualization technology has become the primary issue and mission for researchers in China. Meanwhile, he shared some practical applications of cloud computing, including the largest scientific research platform, CRANE, cloud storage platform, and Cloudesk, as well as some discussions on the security of cloud computing. On the other hand, Vice President Ruay-Shiung Chang, National Dong Hwa University, gave the lecture on the topic of "Cloud computing and social networks". He humorously introduced the innovation issues and applications interlaced by social networks and cloud computing.

The photo of Prof. Hai Jin the photo of VP Chiang
■ Left: Prof. Hai Jin gave the lecture on " From grid computing to the cloud computing ".
■ Right: Vice President Ruay-Shiung Chang gave the lecture on "Cloud computing & social networks".

In the management report, Dr. Jerry Chang, General Secretary of ACCTA, reported that ACCTA had 35 members and 2 of them were from research circle, 16 from industry, and 17 from academy. Dr. Chang stated ACCTA will provide 4 services and 9 projects; 4 services include alliance meetings and conferences, serial courses, E-newsletter and half-yearly reports, and alliance website, in the hope of providing technology exchange and communication platforms for industry and authority circles. Besides, he also announced new courses planned to offer in the near future. The ACCTA has listed the promotion of cloud computing in its main mission and been making efforts on the further development of Taiwan.

the photo of Dr. Jerry Chang
■ Dr. Jerry Chang presented the management report of Alliance

Cloud service provides people the possibility of future life. However, no matter under the traditional or cloud structure, the network security is always an important issue. In response to the cloud security, NCHC’s Associate Researcher Yi-Lang Tsai gave a lecture on the topic of "Cloud computing and the trend of network security". On his lecture, he introduced the current built cloud security defense structure and malicious software analysis platform that can collect and analyze the behavior of software in the practical environment and effectively upgrade the domestic information security and improve the efficiency of analysis. In terms of the virtualization technology, Associate Researcher Yi-Lun Pan of NCHC introduced the "Cloud Web-based Operation System -- Cloud WebOS". The Cloud WebOS allows users easily customizing and configuring an On-Demand Virtual Cluster based on their needs, so that users can accomplish simulation jobs in the browser and easily use the high-performance computing resources.

the photo of Associate Researcher Yi-Lang Tsai the photo of Associate Researcher Yi-Lun Pan
■ Left: Associate Researcher Yi-Lang Tsai gave a lecture on the information security of cloud computing
■ Right: Associate Researcher Yi-Lun Pan gave a lecture on the Cloud WebOS

In the industry field, the ACCTA invited speakers form Red Hat and RollingStar Survey Technology Limited to give lectures on the technology and applications of cloud computing. Mr. Simon Chen, Project Manager of Red Hat, Taiwan, introduced Red Hat's superiority in the virtualization technology, the innovative technologies, and related successful examples of the cloud computing technology on the topic of "Red Hat cloud computing technology and new trend". Dr. Te-Lin Chung, VP Executive of RollingStar Survey Technology Limited shared his experience of cloud storage on the topic of "Flying to cloud, embrace the cloud -- ASO Taiwan Image Service and Supply System (ATIS) ". In this alliance meeting, the NCHC specially thanked for the assistance of TACC in inviting Prof. Hai Jin to share the current situation and experience of cloud computing in China with members. In the future, the ACCTA will keep holding better seminars and training courses to diversify the discussion of cloud technology and its applications and improving the communication of industry and academy.

the photo of Mr. Simon Chen from Red Hat the photo of Dr. Te-Lin Chung
■ Left: Mr. Simon Chen shared the cloud computing technology and its new trend of Red Hat
■ Right: Dr. Te-Lin Chung shared the aerial survey image data warehouse administrated by Aerial Survey Office, Forestry Bureau.

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