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Tue, October 23, 2018

NCHC's Crawlzilla won the Professional Group Championship at 2010 Open Source Innovative Application Competition2010/12/20

To enhance understanding and applications of free software in Taiwan and promote R & D of free software, the Industrial Development Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Institute for Information Industry jointly hosted the 2010 Open Source Innovative Application Competition. This contest aimed at applications for E-book, cloud computing, and power saving technologies. Many organizations were invited to participate in the competition. The NCHC’s Free Software Lab. won the professional group championship for their “Crawlzilla Solution”!

Crawlzilla is a dedicated free software solution based on the cloud computing concept that helps users to build specific search engines through easy installations and operations. As current search websites (such as Google, Yahoo, etc.) only search for information from public websites beyond fire walls, and webs within fire walls (such as enterprises’ internal information websites) also require search engines. Commercial software has inherent high costs, as the development of free software requires technologies, thus, the easy-to-install enterprise intranet search engine – Crawlzilla, has emerged due to demand.

Crawlzilla supports the search of various file formats (such as html, pdf, word, etc.) and provides search engine management functions (such as crawl setting management, cluster node management, and index database management). It enables users to easily build and manage a search engine. Crawlzilla offers good solutions for e-business endeavors of enterprises. It can save on the high costs of purchasing commercial software, while greatly lowering the technical threshold of software establishment and management for information personnel. Cloud computing extensions are also applied to Crawlzilla’s cluster-based parallel multiple processing, web control, and dynamic adjustments of cluster-based hosts.

To follow the trend of cloud computing development, NCHC began to focus on cloud computing last year, started the high-performance computing services based on cloud computing, and actively conducted research for the development of cloud computing-related technologies. The award given to Crawlzilla is not only the pride of the NCHC’s Free Software Lab., but also the affirmation for NCHC’s efforts on the research and development of next-generation cloud computing technology.

the group photo
Mr. Jung-Feng Hsieh, the Section Chief of Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs gave the award for the R&D members of Crawlzilla, Wei-Yu Chen, Shun-Fa Yang, Wen-Chieh Kuo (from left to right).

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