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Mon, October 22, 2018

Results of Cloud Computing Virtualization Technology-Linux Skills Competition! NCHC and ACCTA Jointly Launched Software Competition Tide in Taiwan 2010/12/21

Cloud Computing Virtualization Technology-Linux Skills Competition was hosted by the Red Hat Academy and Alliance of Cloud Computing Technologies and Applications (ACCTA), and co-organized by Red Hat Inc., National Center for High-performance Computing (NCHC), IT Learning Solution Ltd., and the Cross-Straits Education Culture & Creative Association. After one month of intense competition, the winners were announced on December 11. Among the excellent teams, Yi-Cheng Hsieh from Hwa Hsia Institute of Technology won the championship. This contest selected the first place, second place, third place, and two special awards of the Red Hat Academy, with five teams taking the prizes. The awards, NT$50,000, NT$30,000, NT$10,000, and NT$20,000, as well as cups were bestowed upon the winners.

Taiwan hosted the Linux Competition for the first time. A total of 102 teams entered a race in the same field and competition was fierce. This contest aimed to test each team’s abilities in Linux system management and solving common problems of the Linux system through cloud computing applications. The contest was divided into preliminaries, semi-finals, and finals. The preliminaries and semi-finals were taken place in the areas where participators were located and carried out through answering questions online at video conferences. Finally, 10 elite teams were selected to perform actual troubleshooting exercises in the National Center for High-performance Computing (NCHC), Hsinchu.

The General Secretary of ACCTA, Dr. Jerry Chang said, “With the observation on cloud computing development, the NCHC established the ACCTA in the hopes of pushing forward the rapid development of cloud computing technologies through alliance symposiums, education training, and various activities. Cloud computing will be the next-generation technologies tide. Equipment and applications require software, thus, the decisive point of future technologies is software. ACCTA and NCHC are willing to host competitions each year in order to become the most influential indicative contests in the Asian-Pacific Region, and expects to foster young people’s enthusiasm and care for software, thus, seizing the future.”

Red Hat’s senior training manager, Chien-Yao Huang stated, “Today is the first time for Taiwan to host the Linux Competition, and in the future I hope to co-organize the competition with other Asia-Pacific countries and make it become an international contest. Cloud computing has become the hot topic in the recent one or two years, and applications of open-source free software are being rapidly popularized. Students should make preparation in advance in order to meet future trends and elevate their job competitiveness. I hope students can make contributions to Taiwan’s technologies and industries with exquisite techniques.”

The final round was completed successfully in the afternoon on Dec. 11th. The winners came to the stage to express their thanks to NCHC and IT Learning Solution Ltd. for their hard work and efforts in personnel training. This contest offered a chance for students to increase their practical experience and job competitiveness, as well as providing a stage for students to showcase their talents and elevate their values. The award ceremony came to a perfect close accompanied by cheerful and warm speeches.

The awards list of Cloud Computing Virtualization Technology-Linux Skill Competition was released as follows:
The champion: Hwa Hsia Institute of Technology-Temporary Team Participant: Yi-Cheng Hsieh

the photo of the championship
Group photo of ACCTA’s General Secretary Dr. Jerry Chang and the champion team

The second place, Ching Yun University-Blue Cloud Participants: Yao-Cheng Tsai, and Wen-Nan Chuang

the photo of second place
Group photo of Redhat’s Senior Training Manager Chien-Yao Huang and the second place team

The third place: Ching Yun University-Sky Cloud Participants: Wei-Liang Kuo and Shun-Ching Chang

the photo of third place
Group photo of Redhat’s Service Director Chen-Pang Wu and the third place team

Special Awards of Red Hat Academy:
National Penghu University of Science and Technology- NPU MIS Participants: Cheng-Kai Lin, Yung-Che Tseng
Jinwen University of Science and Technology-Jinwen Huige Team Participants: Cheng-Hui Hsieh, Kai-Yang Peng

Group photo of IT Learning Solution General Manager Hui-Ching Huang and special award teams

Group photo of all participants, representatives of the sponsors, judges, and staff

ACCTA: http://accta.nchc.org.tw/en/

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