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Mon, October 22, 2018

NCHC Won the First Prize of 2010 Excellent Barrier-free Websites and the Encouragement Prize of 2010 Public Welfare Websites2010/12/14

The awards ceremony for 2010 Non-Profit Organizations Interactive Networks, hosted by the Research, Development, and Evaluation Commission, Executive Yuan was staged at the Central Union Office Building, Taipei, on December 7th. The Non-Profit Organizations Interactive Network Awards symbolizes fireflies, and emphasizes public welfare and value. This year was the fourth presentation of the Non-Profit Organizations Interactive Network Awards, and is regarded as the spirit benchmark for endeavors made by non-profit organizations and private enterprise websites. This year was no exception, with a total of 347 non-profit organizations participating. After fierce competition, the National Center for High-performance Computing (NCHC) won the first prize of Excellent Barrier-free Websites and the Encouragement Prize of Public Welfare Websites.

the photo of awarding the prize of Excellent Barrier-Free Websites the photo of awarding the encouragement prize of Public Welfare Websites
■Left picture: the Deputy Minister of Council for Economic Planning and Development, Wang-Hsiang Huang (second from the left) awarded the prize of Excellent Barrier-Free Websites to Chi-Kuan Cho(second from the right), the representative of NCHC.
■Right picture: Mr. Yu-Chuan Lin from Ministry of Examination (fourth from the left), awarded the encouragement prize of Public Welfare Websites to Guo-Ding Weng (fifth from the left), the representative of NCHC.

The theme of 2010 Non-Profit Organizations Interactive Network Awards was “Unlimited Public Welfare, Never-Ending Compassion”. It hopes to strengthen and continue public services, allowing love to flourish in every area. Premier Den-Yih Wu was present at the ceremony, and said in his speech that the Internet can link government services with private organizations. Premier Wu also offered high praise for the contributions and loving hearts of non-profit organizations, which dedicate themselves to social services.

the photo of Premier Den-Yih Wu
■Premier Den-Yih Wu encouraged all awardees in the ceremony

With the rapid development and popularity of the Internet, the all-embracing information available on the Internet has great influence on life and study. With the continuous evolution of technologies, NCHC has realized the importance of “barrier-free Internet”, and has begun to improve barrier-free web design that allows people to easily enjoy all services provided on the web. It is particularly worthy of mention that, the NCHC invited Dr. Jan-Li Wang, who lost his sight due to eye disease, as the convener of building a barrier-free web. Dr. Wang provided valuable suggestions based on his experiences, resulting in website modifications from the viewpoint of the disabled.

the group photo of NCHC's representatives
■Group photo of representatives of NCHC barrier-free website design team, from the left, Guo-Ding Weng, Dr. Jan-Li Wang, and Chi-Kuan Cho

The NCHC website displays five characteristics: regard for the disabled, leading advanced technologies, emphasizing research results, sharing collected resources, and creating a knowledge platform. Its web page was designed on the condition that the disable can access all information and services available on the Internet. It received accolades from the judges and was awarded with two prizes. In the future, the NCHC will continuously build excellence in Internet societies and strive to shorten digital gaps in barrier-free Internet environment. For more details, please visit the 2010 Non-Profit Organizations Interactive Network website.

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