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Tue, October 23, 2018

The Alliance of Cloud Computing Technologies and Applications Conference 2010/12/01

For the purpose of promoting application development of Taiwan’s cloud computing technology, the NCHC established the Alliance of Cloud Computing Technologies and Applications (ACCTA) in August 2010. In order to advance upgrades of cloud technology in collaboration with the resources of industries, academia, and government, the NCHC hosted the first conference of the Alliance on November 30th. It is sincerely hoped that this conference could provide a platform for the exchange of cloud computing technologies and applications, and further enhance communication among participants. Hundreds of delegates from the industry, academia, and government attended the conference.

a photo of attendees another photo of attendees
Delegates from the industry, academia and government attended the ACCTA Conference

The conference began with an opening speech by the NCHC Director, Kuo-ning Chiang. Director Chiang acknowledged the alliance’s diligent works in the growth of the cloud computing technology, and expressed his confidence in the search for innovative promotional ideas for superior directions and methods in the future development of cloud computing. He also shared insights on the recent Supercomputing Conference (SC), held in the US, and offered his thoughts on future expectations, programs, and business opportunities of cloud computing. However, he was also worried that success may be concentrated within only a significant group of companies. In his speech, Director Chiang also congratulated a team of students, led by professor Yeh-Ching Chung of the National Tsing Hua University, for their honorable achievement at the world championship in the Student Cluster Competition (SCC), as he feels such accolades confirm Taiwan’s superiority in the field of software. In addition, Director Chiang stated that, the focus of Taiwan’s competiveness should be gradually shifted into the area of software by increasing the competiveness of knowledge, and place emphasis on the importance of setting a solid foundation.

Director Chiang delivers a speech
NCHC Director Kuo-Ning Chiang making the welcoming speech

The conference consisted of 6 seminars, including insights from the viewpoints of industries, universities, and institutes, and discussions on the developments and techniques of cloud computing. The first seminar was conducted by Dr. Ping Yeh, the Project Director of the Google Taiwan Cloud Computing Project, on the topic of “The Future in the Cloud”. He explained the possible applications of cloud computing, especially in the present rapid exponential growth of mobile networks and devices. Smartphone, which was predicted to increase from 9% to 46% between 2008 and 2013; and the number of internet users will increase to 1.8 billion by the year 2014, thus, requiring the speed of the cloud generation. In addition, more and more Internet users are able to jump into the cloud through the Internet, and receive a wide range of innovative services. Therefore, Google adopts the open platform concept that allows greater diversity of space for development in the area of programs and innovative services. The future creations of different types of cloud environments are entirely up to the users.

the photo of Dr. Pin Yeh
Dr. Ping Yeh explains that the children of this generation will grow up in the clouds.

The second seminar was conducted by the Deputy General Manager of Acer, Dr. San-Cheng Chang, who spoke on the topic of “The developmental strategies of Cloud SaaS/BaaS Enablement,” and the broad range of possible cloud computing developmental strategies in Taiwan’s future. Dr. Chang believes that the adoption of successful cloud computing experiences by foreign countries, such as the Amazon, in their original form, will inevitably fail. The main reason is the great discrepancy between Taiwanese and Amazon users’ degree of use and habits. In addition, the development of distributed computing is not mature, and has not become familiar in Taiwan, as most people lack knowledge in the field of distributed computing. He also quoted that, in the eye of Acer, IaaS/PaaS is not likely to succeed in Taiwan; however, SaaS/BaaS should be the future of Taiwan’s Cloud Computing Industry. In order to achieve this goal, the key is flexibility in security and management. Especially in the area of management, it has to meet the needs of Taiwanese users. SaaS still has room for improvement, such as the rewriting of applications to provide for cloud features, and the strengthening of its performance and stability. In other words, the success of the development of Taiwan Cloud Computing lays in the rewriting of application architectures and logics in order to comply with the uniqueness of the Taiwanese market, thus, providing genuine assistance with applications for public use.

the photo of Dr. San-Cheng Chang
Acer Deputy General Manager Dr. San-Cheng Chang explains the development strategies of Cloud SaaS/BaaS Enablement in Taiwan

The third seminar was conducted by Professor Yeh-Ching Chung of the National Tsing Hua University, who spoke on the topic of the “University Cloud: Cloud Computing Distribution Middleware”. A brief was presented on the university cloud project, which focused on the key techniques in the development of cloud computing. It is hoped that, through the development of middleware, a cloud computing research environment, for groups interested in the research of cloud computing related techniques and applications, can be established, thus, promoting the development of Taiwan’s cloud-related technologies.

The Cloud Computing Technical Director of TCloud Computing Inc., Mr. Joe Lee, shared his insights on “Cloud OS-the Infrastructure of the Cloud Computing Platform” through the industrial perspective. Briefs on the R&D of the cloud computing platform infrastructure of Trend Micro Inc. were reported. In addition to this platform, applications of various cloud services can be quickly developed, and be readily and widely used, thus provide a timely solution for industries to access cloud services.

the photo of Prof. Yeh-Ching Chung the photo of Dr. Joe Lee
(Left) NTHU Prof.Yeh-Ching Chung of explains University Cloud and its infrastructure.
(Right) TCloud Computing Inc. Technical Director Mr. Joe Lee introduces Cloud OS-Cloud Platform

The NCHC also took part in the instruction of two seminars. One was conducted by Associate Researcher Shuen-Tai Wang on the development of the technique of on-demand cloud computing clusters; a technique which can quickly integrate the resources of idle computers into a computer cluster environment, and then, deploy the required number of computers in compliance to computing needs. This is not only an intelligent distributed computing system, but also a green computing system. The techniques used in R&D groups for solving the problems of different criteria of backend hardware, as well as incorporating techniques into the actual application of cloud computing, were also introduced. Another seminar was conducted by Researcher Steven Hsiao, who spoke on the “Rapid Deployment of Cloud Environment Tool-DRBL/Clonezilla,” Mr. Hsiao explained the method of using two sets of software programs to quickly manage and establish the mandatory system environment for a cloud system during a large deployment of clouds in the mainframe computer.

the photo of Associate Researcher Shuen-Tai Wang the photo of Researcher Steven Hsiao
(Left) Associate Researcher Shuen-Tai Wang explains the technique of cloud computing cluster on demand.
(Right) Researcher Steven Hsiao briefs on the rapid deployment of cloud environment tool -DRBL/Clonezilla

The conference included cloud research and developments conducted by industries, universities, and institutes, and incorporated the insights of the three sectors. This activity was more than merely discussions of cloud techniques and applications, but was also a platform for the opinions and requirements of industrial chains. In the future, the alliance will continue to host training seminars and conferences in order to promote exchange between industry and academia. We hope to see you all again at the first quarter of the coming year 2011.

The official website of ACCTA: http://accta.nchc.org.tw/en

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