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Special Report on NCHC in TANet2010 Conference


The TANet2010 Conference, an annual event, was held at the National University of Tainan, from October 27th to 29th. The theme of this meeting was “Surfing the Cloud and Enjoying an Intelligent Life”. The focus was to explore the methods of constructing a reliable network of government providing services to ensure and improve quality of life, from perspectives of innovative services and humanity concern. This annual conference is an important event in Taiwanese academic and network industry. As issues surrounding network technologies, policies, contents, and management have been attracting public attention, nearly 400 delegates from the industry (such as TANet operators), academia, and government attended the TANet2010 Seminar.

Paper Publications & Booth Exhibitions
The TANet2010 Conference was organized by the Computer Center of the Ministry of Education and assisted by NCHC. Paper publications are often the focal point in the conference. NCHC published a number of papers to demonstrate its continuous endeavor in the R&D of network technologies. "Planning and Deployment of OpenFlow Networks over Internet", co-authored by Researcher Te-Lung Liu, was awarded as the best paper candidate. Endeavors such as these clearly displayed the dedication of NCHC to services and R&D initiatives. Meanwhile, NCHC broadcasted conference speeches and Cloud Information Security Forum through its Co-Life video conference technology and to provide a diversified selection of browsing services to the conference, which served as an opportunity for NCHC to present Co-Life as a product, and highlighted the services and benefits that Co-Life could offer.

NCHC’s assistant engineer, Jen-Wei Hu, presented a paper   the exhibit of Co-Life
―NCHC’s assistant engineer, Jen-Wei Hu,           ―Participants inquired about the technology of Co-Life
  presented a published paper in the seminar.
  Participants were keen to share his findings. 

TWAREN Users Meeting to Enhance Two-Way Communication
In order to continuously improve the maintenance and management of TWAREN, NCHC invited all delegates of Computer Centers and information service providers to provide their feedback as TWAREN users. In addition to an update on the maintenance of NCHC academic networks, a briefing was hosted concerning the valued added services provided by NCHC, such as webpage hosting services, DNS remote backup services, Layer2 VPN services, and remote proxy monitoring. The most frequently inquired service this year is the SSL-VPN service, which saves users the cost of deploying a leased line and allows users to access school IPs and retrieves school resources via SSL-VPN under a secure transparency protection. It is, undoubtedly, much welcomed by professionals on their business trip. Finally, NCHC presented its backbone detection cloud services. It is hoped that this cloud security and defense concept, when combined with the NCHC backbone traffic cloud computing platform, can provide users with real-time updates on whole-region invasion and attack detection.

NCHC reported the maintenance of TWAREN  NCHC introduced the valued added services
―NCHC reported the current maintenance of         ―NCHC introduced its valued added services

TANet2010 Conference, a three-day event, offered a productive agenda and culminated in a perfect ending. NCHC hoped that its involvement demonstrated its constant efforts in keeping abreast of Internet trends and stimulating its growth.


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