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Mon, October 22, 2018

The NCHC Exhibits at SC102010/11/22

The International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage, and Analysis, SC10, was held in New Orleans, USA, from November 14th to 19th. This grand event was sponsored by IEEE and ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) providing attendees with the perfect stage to participate in technical discussions, educational training, and exhibition of products and R&D achievements in high performance computing, networking, storage, and analysis.

About SC10
SC10 was held at the convention center in New Orleans, with an exhibition space of 386,000 square feet. It provided space for over 300 supercomputer and network research institutions and related vendors to showcase their latest accomplishments in research and development and products. This year’s exhibition venue was the largest in the history of the SC, and the exhibition period of nearly four days attracted over ten thousand visitors. In addition to various exhibition booths, there were numerous technical programs. SC10 Technical Program Committee selected 33 half-day and full-day technical programs and tutorials covering a spectrum of foundation skills, hot topics, and emerging technologies in high performance computing, for new professionals to sharpen their skills and exchange experiences with experts.

This year’s new Technology Thrust area included "Data Intensive Computing", "Heterogeneous Computing", and "Climate Simulation". Experts and scholars from industry and academia shared their recent research findings and future trends of development. Furthermore, well-known scholars were invited to deliver speeches on topics of "How to Create New Growth Business in a Risk-Minimizing Environment", "GPU Computing: To ExaScale and Beyond", and "Climate Prediction and Research: The Next 20 years". Each speech attracted thousands of interested audience members.

NCHC’s Exhibits
This year, the NCHC team, led by Director Kuo-Ning Chiang and Deputy Director Wei-Cheng Huang, provided on-demand demonstration on the R&D achievements including “DRBL/Clonezilla/Crawlzilla”, “Massive Scale GPU Computation”, “Future Internet Testbed”, “Phantom Cluster”, and “Cloud Computing/Virtualization”. During the exhibit, NCHC also showcased its latest developments in material analysis, biological molecular simulation, water resource management, and technology for ecological monitoring technology.

NCHC's researcher presenting GPU NCHC's researcher presenting phantom cluster
■Associate Researcher Matthew Smith ■Associate Researcher Serena Pan demonstrated
demontstrated the R&D result of GPU Phantom Cluster

GPU computing remained a hot topic this year, and the GPU computing achievements exhibited by NCHC attracted many visitors making inquiries and listening to the presentations. Additionally, many visitors attended NCHC’s booth for more in-depth understanding of DRBL/Clonezilla/Crawlzilla.

During the exhibition, Director Chiang and Deputy Director Huang visited booths of research institutions that have close relationships with NCHC as well as some vendors. Associate Director Jim Chen of iCAIR of Northwestern University and Dr. Kahaner, the Founding Director of Asia Technology Information Program (ATIP) also led experts and scholars to visit the NCHC exhibit. In addition to learning about NCHC’s recent research and development achievements, they had in-depth discussions regarding future possible cooperative opportunities. PRAGMA chairperson, Dr. Peter Arzberger, also visited the NCHC’s booth and had a pleasant discussion with Director Chiang.

Visitors from ATIP visitors from Northwestern University
■Visitors from ATIP visited NCHC's booth ■Visitors from Northwestern University visited
NCHC's booth

The Pride of Taiwan
For several years, the NCHC had been the only representative for Taiwan at SC; other than promoting its research and development achievements, NCHC had also advertised Taiwan’s culture and image. This year, besides the NCHC, another team represented Taiwan in the Student Cluster Competition (SCC). This team of research elites was six National Tsing Hua University undergraduate students, led by Professor Yeh-Ching Chung of National Tsing Hua University and NCHC’s HPC team. The Student Cluster Competition included self-assembled cluster computers, HPC Challenge Benchmarks, and the real-world workload for four application computations which were NAMD, WRF, FLASH, and Distributed Password Auditing/Cracking. After 46.5 hours of ceaseless computations, the students from Taiwan were successful in defeating the other 7 teams to win the competition. The award of SCC10 Championship is not only a seal of approval for the teachers and students, but also demonstrates the increasingly important position of Taiwan in global high performance computing. It is believed that, with this year’s competition experience and award encouragement, the Student Cluster Competition Championship will remain to Taiwanese team next year.

the SCC10 Champion
■Taiwanese team won the SCC10 Championship

SC10 was grandly launched in New Orleans. It is believed that attendees went back home with abundant harvests after attending various technical programs, seeing the latest research achievements and HPC products, and exchanging technologies and experiences with experts. In 2011, SC will take place in Seattle, USA. The NCHC will again display the latest R&D results at SC. We look forward to meeting you in Seattle next year.

the NCHC team
■The NCHC team at SC10

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