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Mon, October 22, 2018

Report on the Founding and First Meeting of the Alliance of Cloud Computing Technologies and Applications (ACCTA)2010/09/13

Cloud computing is becoming the mainstream information technology application of the future; it has ignited passionate discussions among many countries. To give Taiwan an opportunity to step forward as a technological superpower, the government has approved the “Development Plan for the Cloud Computing Industry” and has planned to allot a budget of $24 billion NTD over the course of five years. In response to the development and innovation of cloud computing, the National Center for High-performance Computing (NCHC) established the Alliance of Cloud Computing Technologies and Applications (ACCTA) in order to integrate the organizations and experts of the industry, academia and government for technical exchange and joint promotion of cloud computing technologies.

The founding ceremony and first conference of the ACCTA were held August 20th, 2010, at the NCHC. NCHC Director Kuo-Ning Chiang, Prof. Shian-Shyong Tseng, the Vice President of Asia University as well as the Chairman of Board, TWNIC, Prof. Yeh-Ching Chung, the President of the Taiwan Association for Cloud Computing (TACC), and Prof. Rong-Yeu Chang, the President of the Association of CAE Molding Technology (ACMT) hosted the founding ceremony and officially launched cloud computing into a next era. In the ceremony, Director Chiang said that NCHC’s extensive experiences and technical resources will shorten the development and research timeframe of cloud computing. He also commented on the importance of the “Development Plan for the Cloud Computing Industry” and the role that NCHC has assumed. He believes that through technical exchanges facilitated by the Alliance, a bright future can be created together. Prof. Tseng addressed the growing popularity of cloud computing in recent years and used search engines as an example to illustrate the immediate access of information through the powerful databases of virtual hosts. Moreover, with the capacity of the NCHC in its high-performance computing services, high quality operation and maintenance of Taiwan Advanced Research and Education Network, and three offsite backup locations, the ACCTA can take cloud computing to the next level. Prof. Chung also mentioned that as the TACC mainly serves the academia, the ACCTA has taken a further step to integrate the industrial, academic, and governmental resources to promote cloud computing in Taiwan. He envisioned greater achievements in developing cloud computing through the cooperation between the ACCTA and the TACC. Prof. Chang emphasized that cloud computing is ubiquitous and is not limited by time or space; thus it plays an important role in changing our lives. He described the founding of the ACCTA as soaring to new heights, which bring unprecedented experiences and contributions.

The opening ceremony
■Prof. Yeh-Ching Chung, Prof. Shian-Shyong Tseng, Director Kuo-Ning Chiang, and Prof. Rong-Yeu Chang (left to right) co-hosting the opening ceremony

After the founding ceremony, the first conference of the ACCTA was held. Since the alliance began its member recruitment on August 1st, it has enlisted 27 members, including 12 members from the government and academia and 15 from the industry. About sixty representatives from various groups attended the meeting. Aside from presenting reports, the NCHC introduced the current technologies and applications as a demonstration and invited speakers to address the cloud computing applications. The first speaker was Manager Jun-Chang Chen of IBM, who spoke on the topic of “Enterprise Practices on Cloud Computing” by sharing application patterns utilizing cloud computing in IT and business. The second speaker was Yao-Tsung Wang, the Associate Researcher of NCHC, who spoke on the topic of “Building Your Private Cloud Rapidly using Open Source” by introducing a variety of open source software used in the construction of a private cloud computing architecture. He also emphasized the NCHC’s ability of software research and development under such conditions and introduced the learning channels for the basic knowledge of cloud computing. The third speaker was Manager Kenny Sng of Intel, who spoke on the topic of “Intel Global Data center Strategy” by sharing operational strategies to cope with the requirements of cloud computing. The fourth speaker was Vice President David Hsu of CoreTech System Co., Ltd., who spoke on the topic of “Project Analysis on Design and Development of Plastic Products by Moldex 3D for the Development and Application of Cloud Computing” and shared the creation processes of Moldex3D and how this three-dimensional based injection molding simulation software solved various problems usually involved in the production of plastic product. Next was General Manager Nien-Chen Liu of Microsoft who displayed the new cloud computing platform of Microsoft, “Azure,” and its blueprint. The sixth speaker was Director Chin-Hui Fan of HP who spoke on the topic of “The Value of Cloud in the Business Technology Ecosystem”. He shared how cloud computing has evolved and challenged IT by its fundamental structure.

all members of the ACCTA
■All members of the ACCTA

The alliance meeting came to an end as the speakers finished their presentations. We would like to thank all the members for their support in this alliance. We also welcome any organization that has an interest in cloud computing technology to take part in our alliance, and share the mutually beneficial outcomes. For more information, please visit the ACCTA website.

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