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Mon, October 22, 2018

President Ma Attends the NCHC Biotechnology Exhibition2010/07/22

The annual Taiwan Biotechnology Exhibition was held on July 22 at the First Exhibition Hall in Taipei World Trade Center. In his opening remarks, President Ma revealed that DNA biological scientist James D. Watson was impressed with Taiwan’s achievements in biotechnology, especially on the 3D brain imaging system. President Ma also expressed his respect for this field. This year’s biotechnology exhibition had 430 companies attend, with approximately 850 exhibition booths. Accompanied by Dr. Chung-si Li, the President of the Taiwan Bio Industry Organization and the President of Development Center for Biotechnology,, President Ma personally visited the pioneering 3D brain imaging system, “Looking Through the Brain” co-sponsored by the NCHC and the Brain Research Center (BRC) at the National Tsing Hua University. After donning a pair of 3D stereo glasses in order to experience the Drosophila brain imaging system President Ma expressed his gratitude, and paid his compliments to the center, especially to the NCHC’s cloud computing technology. President Ma encouraged the NCHC to continue innovations in new technology, and combine them with other industries, and even commercialize them.

The NCHC constructed the Drosophila 3D imaging database by employing cloud computing and system structure planning. More than ten thousand single brain images were compared by automated fast imaging. With the high-speed image transmission system, the NCHC could have access to various biological 3D structures through cloud computing. In this biotechnology exhibition, studies on Drosophila brain genes were clearly displayed on the international stage, with the pioneer project, “Looking Through the Brain”, collaborated by the BRC and the NCHC, proudly presenting the scientific visualization and imaging database of the NCHC.

In this biotechnology exhibition, the NCHC and the BRC presented Drosophila 3D imaging to participants, immersing them in theatrical stereo effects, allowing them to experience and understand the sophistication and complexity of neural networks. Between July 22 and 25, 3D theaters broadcasted a thirty-minute 3D image show, twelve times a day. The first official opening of the 3D theater drew wide attention, and participants were enthralled by such space-age technology, which lucidly presented Drosophila’s brain structures. There is no denying that the NCHC’s cloud computing technology has intense repercussions, with its applications beyond imagination.

President Ma attending the Biotechnology Exhibition.
■President Ma (fourth from the right) attending the Biotechnology Exhibition.

President Ma shook hands with NCHC's Deputy Director, Dr. Yao
■ President Ma expressed his respect for the NCHC’s cloud computing technology and shook hands with NCHC's Deputy Director, Dr. Yao (first from the right)

Group photo
■ Group photo taken at the venue: President Ma (third from the left), NCHC Deputy Director Yao (second from the right) and research fellow Chang-huan Hsieh (first from the right)

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