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Mon, October 22, 2018

The Dialogue Between Technology, Cultural, And Creative Industries: The NCHC Instills a New Life in “Su Huan Jhen”2010/07/21

Technology and cultural creation no longer run parallel to each other. In this day and age, their paths cross often. In response to the development of six rising industries in Taiwan, the National Center for High-Performance Computing (NCHC) has extended its reach with high-speed computing expertise to cultural and creative industries for the first time. Based on its rich decade long experience in high-performance computing, storage, and scientific visualization-based 3D imaging technology, the NCHC has agreed to cooperate with the EPILI Co. to shoot an experimental 3D puppet film which is expected to open new horizons for Taiwan’s cultural innovation industries.

Press conference

■ 「The Dialogue Between Technology, Cultural, And Creative Industries: The NCHC Instills a New Life in “Su Huan Jhen”」press conference was held on July 21st. (from left to right) EPILI Co.'s Manager, Mr. Wen-tza Huang, NARL's President, Dr. Wen-hua Chen, NSC's Deputy Minister Cheng-hong Chen, and NCHC's Director, Dr. Guo-ning Chiang.

High-speed Computing Technology: A Key to the Development of Cultural and Creative Industries

The latest Hollywood 3D special effects movies like Avatar have become a global sensation. Shooting Avatar 3D cost USD $3 billion, demanded 900 post-production personnel, and required 10,116 sq. ft. space for placing and storing graphic computing machinery. The speed of the host computer used to produce Avatar’s digital 3D images ranked 25th worldwide in 2009, and is included among the world’s top five hundred high-performance computers. This is far greater than Taiwan’s current computing capacity. In addition, movie production for 3D films also requires cutting-edge 3D stereo cameras, vast digital storage, digital search, and digital comparison.

Puppet shows have long been an important cultural asset for Taiwan. The Chair of EPILI, Mr. Chiang-hua Chuang, embraces the promotion of local puppet shows as his duty and honor, and expressed his desire to produce Taiwan’s first 3D puppet show film. However, due to the constraints of expensive high-performance computing, storage, 3D photography, and post-production technology, as well as time and labor costs, he felt that he could not reach his goal of producing the 3D puppet show, “Su Huan Jhen.” In light of his concerns, it is evident that high-speed computing is the key to cultural and creative industries and their production value.

The NCHC Provides the Optimum in Innovative and Technological Backup Teams

The NCHC is the only high-speed computing center in Taiwan that possesses mature, stable high-speed computing and storage capacity technologies, in addition to providing advanced scientific visualization services. Since 1991, the NCHC has provided scientific visualization services to domestic industry and academia. The NCHC has demonstrated outstanding performance in biotechnology, environmental disaster prevention, GIS, and engineering simulations. Now the NCHC’s reach has been extended into another area, that being cultural puppet shows, which enables the NCHC to apply its expertise in 3D imaging technology, virtual reality, and augmented reality to television applications, but and makes it a forerunner in Taiwan’s cultural and creative industries.

After the initial discussion with EPILI, both parties made the initial decision to film an experimental 3D puppet show film. The five-minute experimental film was extremely vivid, just as if the puppets were jumping out at you from the screen. Future collaborations will include high-performance computing, video storage, and video technology development. It is expected that both parties’ strengths and resources will be efficiently applied, and the local puppet artistry will, as a result, gain an international advantage. In the future, the NCHC will continue expanding its high- performance computing technology to other areas of cultural and creative industries, and assist them in reaching their greater goals.

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