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Mon, October 22, 2018

NCHC Establishes a Cloud Computing Technologies and Applications Development Alliance2010/07/02

The Alliance of Cloud Computing Technologies and Applications (ACCTA), as established by the National Center for High-Performance Computing (NCHC), was formally recognized on August 1st, 2010. We hereby invite all interested parties to join us in this endeavor.

This alliance is expected to provide an outstanding exchange platform for cloud computing technologies and applications development in the Asia Pacific Region and beyond. Through discussion and exchange on cloud computing infrastructure (IaaS), platforms (PaaS), and applications (SaaS), industry, government, and academia can fully exploit the use of cloud computing resources. By exchanging information and experience on cloud computing security, data centers, computer clustering, network architectures, and system integration, members will improve their international competitiveness. For details regarding activities of and membership in this alliance, please refer to the “Regulations for the Alliance of Cloud Computing Technologies and Applications.”

Advantages of the NCHC’s Cloud Computing Launch:

■ Professional Teams and Extreme Talent
The NCHC boasts enormous professional talent in high performance computing (HPC), information techniques, and various fields of application.

■ Integration of Technologies, Facilities, and Experience
The NCHC has rich and complete experience in HPC, storage, networking, grid technologies, and related facilities construction.

■ Construction of Cluster Computing Technology and an Advanced Software Environment
The NCHC has a large self-built cluster system for external public services use, and the capability to integrate its software environments as well.

■ Grid Computing Technology
The NCHC has the ability to integrate various and scattered computing resources into a comprehensive virtual computing facility.

■ The Development of an Uninterrupted Cloud Computing Technique
This is an advanced service technique that is able to dynamically adapt to service loads and enhance virtual fault-tolerances.

■ The Development of Enhanced Information Security Techniques
This project aims to build a deception network and malware database and, at the same time, develop a malware detection system that incorporates forensic techniques.

■ The NCHC Twice Wins the Executive Yuan’s “Award for Outstanding Contributions in Science and Technology”
The NCHC’s “Ecogrid” and “DRBL/Clonezilla” projects each won this coveted award, thus, bring worldwide attention to the NCHC’s outstanding achievements!

For more information, contact:
Ivy Wu
Address: No. 7, Yanfa 6th Road
Hsinchu Science Park
Hsinchu, Taiwan 30076
Tel: 03-5776085 ext 429
Fax: 03-6669461

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