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The NCHC Wins 2009 Open Source Contest!


The 2009 Open Source Innovative Application Development Contest, hosted by the Ministry of Economic Affair’s Industrial Development Bureau, was established in order to encourage research in the development of free software and promote diverse Open Source-based application software in Taiwan. Two of the NCHC’s projects, the “HPC Portal Development Platform” and the “Tux2live: General Purpose Portable Linux Customization Tool” projects, were entered into the contest and won the Awards of Excellence and Honors, respectively.

Award of Excellence: HPC Portal Development Platform

Award of Excellence: HPC Portal Development Platform

About the project

The “HPC Portal Development Platform,” a product of the NCHC free software website development platform, helps government agencies, local academia, and small and medium-sized enterprises develop network R&D platforms and web pages with ease. The project infrastructure solves back-end host communication integration and is very suitable as a high-performance computing portal site. Whether for a small office/home office (SoHo) business platform, school administrative system, or corporate website development platform, Java developers can easily design, program, and customize their website with this platform.

Since the “HPC Portal Development Platform” is developed with free software, it can save organizations and enterprises considerable costs in information system development and software licensing. In terms of R&D, due to its flexible and accelerated development, it acts as a development platform in domestic academic research fields. Also, due to its high degree of expandability, this platform is suitable for various high-performance computing services, applications, content, and searching services.

Project Website on Source Forge
Project Website on Open Foundry

Award of Honor: Tux2live: General Purpose Portable Linux Customization Tool

Award of Honor: Tux2live: General Purpose Portable Linux Customization Tool

About the project

Tux2live is a set of tools that allows users to build their own Linux Live system (e.g. Live CD, Live USB). It includes an easy-to-use and customizable packaging architecture. Using Tux2live, once a Linux environment is built in a hard disk, it can be packed into a portable live environment for personal application environments or customized hosting. Tux2live design uses a common Linux kit to overcome the problem of tool compatibility within the Linux live environment. Packaging is done in a user-installed environment, thus, it better fits the users’ expected environment. Both personal application environments and customized hosting can be done using a single command.

This project is currently promoted on local campuses as a free software alternative that can save software licensing costs not only in schools, but also in government agencies and businesses. In terms of industrial and personal use, it can be used as packaged as a small host and emergency aid tool as well.

Tux2Live Homepage

Sourceforge Project Site

OpenFoundry Project Site


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