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Mon, October 22, 2018

The National Center for High-Performance Computing and the Information Technology Center, University of Tokyo Sign a Historic Memorandum of Academic Exchange2005/11/08

In an effort to increase international collaborative relationships and to foster the development of new R&D, the National Center For High-Performance Computing (NCHC) signed a Memorandum of Academic Exchange (MOAE) with the University of Tokyo’s Information Technology Center (ITC, UoT) today. It is expected that the signing of this MOAE will increase knowledge in the field of high performance computing (HPC) at both institutes.ITC, UoT is Japan’s leading HPC resource provider. ITC, UoT also interfaces with networking research centers nationally as well as internationally. ITC, UoT’s mission is similar to NCHC’s in this regard. ITC, UoT also has a very strong foundation in HPC application research and education. The Director of the ITC, UoT, Professor Yoichi Okabe and Assistant Professor Akira Kato were invited to sign the MOAE by the NCHC and by Lou-Chuang Lee, President of the NCHC’s parent organization, Taiwan’s National Applied Research Laboratories (NARL). In addition to the signing of the MOAE, Professor Okabe and Assistant Professor Kato toured several of Taiwan’s other national laboratories. Dr. Joe Juang, Director of the NCHC, welcomed the ITC, UoT guests and commented on how, in recent years, the NCHC had experienced rapid growth. He went on to say that it was his wish that this MOAE signing hasten R&D on both ends and establish a good rapport with Japan. Mr. Ryuji Ichikawa, a Deputy Representative from the Interchange Association, Japan (IAJ), also visited the NCHC for the signing ceremony. Using impressive Mandarin, he said that he looked forward to the increase in technology exchange between Taiwan and Japan and that this MOAE signing would be the first of many such exchanges. After the MOAE signing ceremony, Professor Okabe introduced the Information Infrastructure of the University of Tokyo and Professor Akira Kato introduced International Collaboration in Lambda Networking. These introductions opened the door for both sides’ mutual collaboration.
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