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Mon, October 22, 2018

The Russian Academy of Engineering Visits the NCHC2009/07/25

On June 25th 2009, the Director of the Russian Academy of Engineering, Dr. Boris Vladimirovich Gusev, led a team of his colleagues to visit Taiwan's premier research and engineering institutes including the NCHC. The Russian Academy of Engineering is the highest institution of science application in Russia and has an outstanding international reputation in science and research. They came to Taiwan to participate in the Russian Academy of Engineering Taiwan Chapter opening ceremony. In an effort to increase exchange opportunities between our two countries, they also toured several of Taiwan's other research and engineering institutions during their visit.

The NCHC, one of Taiwan's most highly-respected science and technology research institutes, was one of the sites toured during their visit to Taiwan. Dr. Gusev and his colleagues were very impressed with the NCHC's outstanding achievements in HPC including simulation technology, engineering science, and disaster prevention. They also recognized the NCHC's 3D VR technology experience and acknowledged its infinite potential. Toward the end of their visit, they expressed interest in further exchange and interaction with the NCHC.

Photo of the visitors from Russian Academy of Engineering

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