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Mon, October 22, 2018

The NARL's New President Visits the NCHC2009/06/05

Dr. Wen-Hwa Chen became the new president of the NARL on May 1st. On May 25th, he visited the NCHC for the first time since taking office. During the visit, Director Yeh of the NCHC gave a presentation on the center's mission and direction. He also talked about the center's accomplishments in areas related to service, research, and education.

After the meeting, the new president had an informal talk with the center's researchers and shared the NARL's goal of "establishing research platform, supporting academic research, promoting advanced technology, and nurturing technology professionals." The president affirmed the NCHC's long-term contribution to Taiwan and encouraged the center to collaborate more frequently with other centers under the NARL. The collaboration should lead to increased research output and joint projects with the international community, thus, helping to establish the NARL as an world-class research laboratory.

NARL's President

President of NARL, second from the left

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