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Mon, October 22, 2018

The NCHC@ISC092009/04/27

The International Supercomputing Conference (ISC) is Europe’s leading HPC conference and exhibition on High Performance Computing, Networking and Storage. The conference, held each year in Germany, focuses on elevating HPC research and development capabilities worldwide. At ISC, researchers from various disciplines come together to share their insight and experience and collaborate more closely.

The NCHC, Taiwan’s only full-service HPC, networking, and storage service provider, also acts as the bridge between domestic academic/industry and the national HPC/IT development platform. Additionally, we are intently focused on extending the reach and breadth of our international collaborations. This year is the first year that the NCHC will have a booth at ISC. We would like to extend a warm welcome to you and cordially invite you to visit our booth #754 at ISC09, June 23rd ~ 25th, in Hamburg, Germany.

We very much so look forward to seeing you at the event! Please feel free to download our project brochures below.

The Inventiveness of NCHC

1. NCHC’s Cyberinfrastructure

2. NCHC’s DRBL&Clonezilla Project

3. Grid Widget_the Lightweight Approach to Grid Services

The Intelligence of NCHC

1. NCHC’s Co-Life Project

2. NCHC’s 3D GIS Visualization Platform

3. Environmental Watch_From Coral Reef to Typhoon and Floods

4. NCHC’s Rainfall-runoff Simulation Visualization Platform

5. NCHC’s Water Resources Computation Project

The Ingenuity of NCHC

1. NCHC’s 3D Bio FlyCircuit Image Database Project

2. NCHC’s Biomedical Computing and Simulation Project

3. NCHC’s Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Modeling Project

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