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Mon, October 22, 2018

Visit by Dr. Colin Wright, Center for High Performance Computing, South Africa2009/03/12

Dr. Colin Wright, head researcher of South Africa's Center for High Performance Computing (CHPC), visited the NCHC March 10th~12th to tour its Hsinchu headquarters and Southern branch. This is the third visit by CHPC after the 2008 MOU between the NCHC and the CHPC. Several meetings were held between Dr. Colin and the NCHC’s Director Eugene Yeh, Deputy Director Weicheng Huang, International Collaboration Coordinator Dr. Dan Chang, and researchers from various divisions of the NCHC.

Dr. Wright said that the CHPC’s mission is very similar to the NCHC’s and hopes that the two organizations can collaborate on projects such as algorithm optimization and high quality 3D video teleconferencing. Through mutual assistance and personnel exchange, both centers will be better prepared to answer the charges given by their respective countries.

Dr. Colin Wright

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